I am. These are the two most powerful words a person can use to describe herself. Today, I am a mother, a writer, a creator, a runner, a mountain lover, a beach dweller, and a believer in focusing on the daily inhales and exhales of life.

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.”

Sylvia Plath

History of Breath of Sunshine

In 2011, there was an energy that needed to find its way out of my body. I felt it in my body, and it radiated to the edges of my limbs. I needed to write. I needed to let that energy leave my body through my fingertips. My blog was born.

The hardest part of creating a blog was deciding on a name. What domain name would represent my words and my being? I was in my early 30s. I was settling into a life I created for myself. I was learning how to breathe. With a childhood nickname of Sunshine and an adult determination to find breath in my life, Breath of Sunshine became the space where I could follow my curiosities.

Over a decade later, I have written myself into existence. Not only did writing change my approach and perspective on life, but it also gave me curiosity. It gave me creativity. It also gave me a career. In 2017, I was given the opportunity to marry my love of words and love of running as the Director of Communications at J&A Racing.

Favorite Blog Posts

The mess is a part of the journey. Every day I have arrived. I will cry many more tears and wonder many more thoughts. I will celebrate all the little things along the way. Life isn’t about making dreams come true. It’s about life and trees and books. It’s about loving. And that is something I’m good at thanks to saying yes when I should have said no and the baby that followed a year later.

Life. And Books. And Trees. October 2011

As I tucked myself into bed, I pulled my blankets up to my chin. It was one of the first chilly nights of the year. First I pulled up the sheet followed by my quilt. On top of that, I pulled my down comforter in close. One. Two. Three. Three blankets felt like the magic number.

This is motherhood these days, November 2019

This weekend was bitter sweet. For every squeal of delight as my boys caught wave after wave, a quiet sadness followed. All of a sudden being strong and courageous has no appeal. Chasing big dreams doesn’t matter. Existing in the small moments does. I’m embarrassed for ever claiming something bigger mattered more. 

Illuminators and Lighthouses, July 2017

Let’s breathe together.