Nothing is Mandatory…

One of my 40 day goals is to say “Yes” more. Somehow “no” has become my reflex answer when anyone asks me anything. I’m missing so much, and really closing myself off to so many things.  Monday night I had dinner with a good friend of mine, Sara, and she mentioned going to hot yoga on Tuesday. And then she asked – “come with me?”  I had no reason to say no, so I instantly said yes!

Hot yoga is something I have shied away from – I have a million reason why I don’t think I would like it. Heat makes me nauseous. I don’t like hot tubs. Seat warmers in my car make my stomach upset. Curling my hair makes me throw up. and on. and on. and on. There is no way I could survive a hot yoga class.

But I said Yes! and I went!….and I LOVED IT! I did get a little light-headed a few times during the practice, but I stayed in child’s pose and focused on my breath.  As quickly as I felt light-headed, it was gone. (I have a feeling there is a life lesson in those moments!)

At one point during the practice, the instructor Kate said “Nothing in life is mandatory.  But if you don’t try, you will never know and you will never learn.”

Thank you Sara for asking me to go! I’m so glad I said yes! (Honestly – who wants to miss out on fun moments with friends?)

My favorite photo of Sara and me. If I didn’t say yes, I couldn’t hide in a dinosaur egg with a great friend!

Try it today – Say “yes” when someone asks you to do something! Make it happen! You will never know and you will never learn if you don’t at least try.  (and if you are reading this, please ask me to do something! Hold me accountable! I am definitely learning to love “yes”!)

On a side note: Need some fun new summer music that will definitely get you feeling the sunshine – download Brett Dennen’s new album “Lover Boy” – you will be dancing and sing along in no time!

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