Filling up on Sunshine

Cole left this morning for Tennessee.  He is spending spring break with his Dad, StepMom, and new baby sister. Cole and I have been living back in Virginia for over 3 years now – I should be used to him leaving.  I’m not.  I’m always so sad to see him go.  8 days without the monster.  Those of you who have children, know people with children, etc know how the daily routines of having a child set the pattern for your entire life.  The house is too quiet without him.  There isn’t anyone to rush out the door in the morning, no one to remind to sit still and eat their dinner, no one to tuck in to bed at night. I have even driven to Cole’s school to pick him up out of habit when he is gone.

Even though Cole is missed more than he probably knows, Christian and I try to take advantage of time for us individually and time for us as a couple.  We are, after all, still newlyweds. And neither one of us ever have enough time for all our hobbies, friends, and family.

In addition to the 40 day goals I have set for myself, I’m going to challenge myself with a quick series of spring break goals.  I have 8 kid free days to enjoy the sunshine and the husband!

Spring Break goals:

  1. start week 1 of road to recovery training program. I never thought I would be excited to walk 20 minutes every other day.  It is step 1 towards my ultimate goal of a full marathon.
  2. Yoga – 6 times
  3. Bike – 2 times
  4. Meditation – 6 times
  5. Dinner with Friends – twice
  6. Dinner with both folks – one each
  7. Happy Hour
  8. Clean House – top to bottom
  9. Sushi date night
  10. Finish reading my book
  11. Yardwork – cut grass, pull out old plants, replant old plants, plant new plants
  12. Start our container garden

Sounds like a lot to accomplish in a week? It’s not – we manage to juggle so much in our normal, daily routine. Each task individually is quite simple.  I know this something I want to focus on this coming up week – now I’ll find a way to make it happen. I’m excited to break our normal pattern – new habits always emerge when we do.

When Cole comes home, he should find a clean house, happy yard, and happy parents who have a full tank so we can focus on celebrating him coming home (his birthday is 4 days after he gets back….time to not focus on singing “happy birthday” – hmmm…one more goal I need to add to the list)

13. Come up with a funny crazy version of “happy birthday” to sing to Cole on his birthday! Who can resist, right? Sorry Christian, you are getting sucked into this plan of mine! I’m sure our version will consist of Christian playing the guitar and singing, and me, I’ll do….something! shake my booty, twirl, who knows?

Cole's 5th Birthday - Not listening to Happy Birthday

It’s Friday! The sun is shining!

Want to play along? How are you going to enjoy the sunshine during spring break. I know a lot of my friend are teachers so you have lots of time off.  Come do yoga with me, walk with me, let’s do dinner!  Make sure you check caller ID – I’ll be tracking you all down!

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6 thoughts on “Filling up on Sunshine

  1. Ok so since you are kid free, and practicing saying “yes” I am going to take advantage of it! What day next week are we going to go to an after work happy hour??!!

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