40 day goal challenge – Set #2

Who gets to start fresh every 40 days? I do! I absolutely love this idea!  Thank you to JT at Smile with your Heart for the awesome idea! I’m completely committed to them! Today is day 1 for me.  I’m using this set of goals to building off of the last set.  They are all about creating a better, healthier me. I really wanted to set goals a bit “bigger” this time, but I’ve decided it’s not right for me right now. Right now I really need to focus on getting my body healthy, letting my bone heal, and strengthening my entire body!

Set #2 (April 23 – June 2)

1. Trader Joe’s Sundays – grocery shop for the week and plan ahead (Last Sunday I went to Trader Joe’s at 8am. It was empty and I had a blast shopping. I sent $122 and got more than enough food for us for the entire week – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!)

2. Create Vision Board

3. Post life goals – 1 year, 5 year, 10 year

4. Follow training plan & listen to my body

5. Eat dinner Solo – no laptop, no magazines, no books (Thanks Sara!)

6. Take Cole on his 1st backcountry  backpacking trip

7. SWIM! Take a lesson to learn real technique, take a aquatics class, jump in and swim a lap! I don’t care what it is, but I’m making myself get in the pool!

8. Learn to change a flat tire on my road bike

9. Start composting in our backyard

10. Make/Buy a rain barrel

11. Find a yoga studio I want to join.

12. Paint 1 room in our house.

13. Get Cole to a kid’s yoga class

14. Visit Sara and Shawn in Richmond

15. Per Kerrie’s request – start brainstorming bigger ideas


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4 thoughts on “40 day goal challenge – Set #2

    1. HAHA! I have wanted one forever – and it’s supposed to be a great core workout. My running magazine wrote about how it’s a great thing for a runner to added to their workout routine……..and HOW FUN! Who doesn’t want a hulahoop (a good weighted hulahoop, not a plastic Kmart hulahoop!)

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