My kind of Perfect

Enjoying the View

When I started this blog, I really wanted a place that would allow me to keep my life organized.  I have so many reminders laminated and hanging around my desk. I have the same reminders on my bulletin board at home.  Even though I have my favorite quotes, my training plan, and my 40 day goals posted everywhere, I didn’t have anything or anyone to check-in with along the way.  I wanted to blog so I would keep myself accountable.  I also wanted to blog because I missed writing.  It’s been many years since I sat in a creative writing class at ODU.  It had also been months since I finished up grad school at Va Tech.  I didn’t have reason to write anymore. I had no idea that this blog would become the thing that allowed me to sort out my thoughts and my emotions.  I had no idea I would find so many other blogs that would fall in sync with my blog.  I love the little blogging community this blog has created for me.

This morning two of the blogs I read really hit home. I love when you read something that you just needed to hear from someone else. It’s a nice gentle reminder to get back on track.

My first gentle reminder came from my forever favorite blog Smile with your Heart. In her blog, JT talks about slowing down and enjoying everything that is to be seen.  I haven’t been doing this on my runs.  One of the reasons I love to run is because I’m outside.  I love hearing the birds. I love hearing kids playing.  I love smelling the smells throughout my neighborhood – families grilling, low tide near the river, fresh-cut grass. I love having to navigate my way around ducks and geese.

Beautiful place to breathe

My second gentle reminder came from a blog that has become my saving grace as a mom and as a runner – Another Mother Runner. Today’s blog post really hit close to home. I’m stealing Dimity’s new running and life mantra – I am here now.  I have been so worried about recovery and heart rate and miles run vs minutes walked that I am forgetting to be present.  I am here now, and that is all that matters. By worrying too much about getting through each run, I am forgetting to enjoy the run.  I went 12 weeks without running, and I truly missed it every single day.  I can run again. I need to be present and enjoy each moment – the good, the ugly, the hard, the easy. I need to embrace each moment.

I found it on my way back - facing the opposite direction!

Today was my first 2 mile run since my injury.  Today was my first day in training – not in recovery. I brought my run stuff with me to work and headed to First Landing State Park after my work day was over. It’s my favorite place to run. I set off on my run with two goals – enjoy my surroundings and be present.  My Garmin watch froze up again (RIP Garmin).  Fortunately I knew there were mile markers along the trail.  The first mile marker I passed was 3 1/2 miles.  The 4 mile marker showed up a lot sooner than I expected.  My plan was to check my heart rate 1 mile into my run – mile marker 4 1/2.  It was taking forever to show up.  I realized I had listened to at least 3 songs on my iPod since the last mile marker.  If each song was 3 minutes, it had been 9 minutes since I passed mile marker 4.  I knew there was no way I was running 9 minute 1/2 miles.  I soon realized I was reaching the boat ramp parking lot – 2 miles from the start of the trail.  I knew I need to check my heart rate, so I decided to check my iPhone (I’ve been using endomondo, and love it! it works just like my garmin but I’m not committed to wearing my watch).  I had run 1.77 miles. Mile marker 4 1/2 was nowhere to be found because I missed it along the trail.  Not too shabby since I walked twice during my 1.5 mile run two days ago.  My heart rate was slightly elevated, so I walked for a few minutes. I took the time to enjoy everything I love about the trail. I even snapped a few pictures of my favorite things along the way.  As soon as my heart rate was back to where it need to be, I ran some more.  I think all and all I ran about 2.5 miles. That is a victory that I’m going to celebrate! I don’t know what pace I ran – I’m guessing about a 10:30 minute mile.  I am almost enjoying not having a watch.  While I do like knowing my mileage, I love not being committed to a running pace.

After my run, I walked across the street and enjoyed the ocean for a few minutes before I picked Cole up from school.  What a great piece of the world we have here in Virginia Beach. On one side of the street is a great park with a wonderful trail system. Two blocks in the other direction is the Atlantic Ocean.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

My Reward for finishing!

Today is exactly what I needed. I had a solid run for me. The weather was perfect for me – 74 with a breeze.  The trails were the perfect running location for me.  Dinner was even my perfect dinner.  Tonight was eat whatever is in the fridge and is about to go bad night. We created a yummy salmon and tortellini topped with spinach, red peppers, and bacon meal. YUM!


I really need today! I feel like I’m breathing again. I know I can get stuck in moments, and I feel like I’m holding my breath.  Today was literally my breath of fresh air! Breathing in the Sunshine!

All Smiles Mid Run

(All the photos were taken on the trail off of 64th Street – Go enjoy it!)

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7 thoughts on “My kind of Perfect

  1. Thanks Kristy!!! I’m glad you had such a good run – and your dinner looks amazing! You’ve encouraged me to make my salmon not so boring tonight.. thanks!!! 🙂

    Smile with your heart!! 🙂

    love JT 🙂

  2. No kidding, Smile w/ your heart is my fav as well. She’s the one that got me interested in blogging. Also, I know you and I started blogging around the same time. It is fun b/c every time I read your blogs I notice you changing and growing. You are doing a great job, I love reading, keep it up. It is funny how in the blogging world, we never know each other personally, but it feels like you do. There’s certain bloggers that you feel like you’ve known forever. Anyways, sorry for the long post, just think it is great to see how evolving your blog and your thoughts are.

    1. awww! Thank you Suzanne for such a sweet comment! I love your blog too! Even though our worlds don’t overlap in the real world, it is so nice to be surround by people who live life with passion and inspiration. Thank you for constantly inspiring me!

    2. It won’t let me reply directly to your question – so i hope you get this 🙂 I do use wordpress. When you are writing your post, there is a button you can click on. It’s in the top row of the toolbar next to Bold, Center, etc. It looks almost like a chain figure 8. I think it’s called create/edit link. In your post, highlight the words you want to link and click that bottom. A pop up screen should show up for you to enter the website. (It took me forever to figure out and lots of googling so I hope this helps!)

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