Playing Hookie for a Day

Since the very beginning of the school year, Cole has been begging to be “early dismissal” from school.  Since he misses his fair share of school to visit his dad, I’m always reluctant to have him miss any unnecessary days.  This is the last week of school. Yesterday was beautiful outside.  I left work early, and picked Cole up from school right after lunch.  He was so excited. Not only did he leave school early, but we headed to Busch Gardens for the day! We have season passes. We might as well take advantage of them before the summer slips away.  Some times it is just nice to sneak off for a day.  We had a great Mom and Cole day.  He is getting a little more adventurous every time we to Busch Gardens. He rode several rides he refused to ride last time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets on a real roller coaster by the end of summer.

Elmo Roller Coaster
Good thing I brough swim trunks
"my tummy tickles!"
Land of the Dragons
Taking the tram back to Elmo World
Riding Solo
Warning: will induce belly laughter!
No hands!

Playing hookie for the afternoon was definitely worth all the fun Cole and I had yesterday! I’d highly recommended it if nothing important is going on around you!

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