All is right in my world

Cole is Home! Cole is Home! Cole is Home! Oh how I miss that crazy 7-year-old boy when he is gone. I adjust and adapt my routine, and the days go by.  As soon as I see his little sweet face come off the airplane, I realize the big gap that exists in my life when he isn’t around. Christian is also on his way back in town tonight, so our house will be back to normal.

Home Sweet Home

Along with Cole coming home, the weather has shifted here in Virginia.  It can breathe outside again.  It’s in the low 80s today with only 55% percent humidity! Yesterday morning it was in the upper 80s when I woke up with 93% humidity.  It’s time to get back on the running bandwagon.  Since last Monday, I haven’t run. I’ve swam twice. I hiked a mountain once. I miss my running shoes.  I’m going to tackle a late night 3 mile run tomorrow morning.  I also have a 7 mile run planned for first thing Saturday morning.  My goal is to be out the door by 5:15 am so it doesn’t interfere with weekend plans. I can do it! I can do it! I can do it!

Our household is back to full capacity. I will jumpstart my run again tomorrow morning. AND today is Day 1 of my next 40 day goal challenge.  I’m really proud of the success I had with my last set of goals.  The only things not crossed off the list were:

  • Get Cole to a yoga class – I honestly tried. I had everything ready to go for the Monday night kids yoga at Bamboo studio AND it was the only Monday they were taking off for the summer.  Go figure.  Cole left that week, so I didn’t get a chance to try again
  • Start Composting – Yikes! Not Yet! Shame on me! I’m sick of feeling guilty about throwing things in the trash. Sometimes you just need to “fail” something to spark your motivation. This will be crossed off the list next time.
  • Make a Rain Barrel – Again! What is wrong with me? I have the perfect spot for it too.  SO instead of buying myself a completely useless baby item as my reward for this goal challenge, I’m buying a rain barrel. A local organization, Lynnhaven River Now, sells them.  Not only will it allow us to do our part to conserve water usage, we are giving our money to an organization that is saving the river in our own backyard. Win! Win!

My new goals are posted under the 40 day goal challenge tab if you’d like to follow along – OR – even better! Joining me in the process. I started this process a few months ago, and love it.  #1 – I LOVE LISTS. I love checklists. I love budgets. I love training plans. I like things planned out on paper so the guess work is eliminated.  #2 – I was starting to feel overwhelmed by how many times I kept saying I’m going to get around to _____ or one day I’m going to tackle _______. My goals are my way of making sure I’m making forward progress in my life.

With jobs and career up in the air lately, I don’t exactly know what direction I’m heading. I do know that I’m in a good place. I’m doing good things for my family. I’m moving in a positive directions.  Good things will fall in place if I keep my life goals in mind when making life decisions. I can’t control the big things in life. I can’t control career opportunities. I can’t control the weather, the economy, or the progress of the world around me. What I can control is me – my decisions, my actions, and my behaviors. I choose to live my life as positively as possible. I choose to live as healthy as possible. I choose to live as green as possible. I have no doubt that these choices will put me exactly where I belong.

Let me know if you want to join me in my 40 day goal challenge. I’d love to have the company!

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2 thoughts on “All is right in my world

  1. This Granpa is glad Cole is home!! Have to comment on job and career, you are just like all our children, you have the unique ability to influence your environment and make the most of it. Bring your positive energy to your job and “OWN” it, you will be surprised how good it will become.

    For the record, had to bribe cole with $5.00 for a kiss, worth 100 times that!

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