One month closer to Fall

Another month has come and gone. August is here. Goodbye July.  Cole has one more month left of summer vacation. I’m almost half way through my pregnancy.  I know some people live for the summer. Not this girl. I’m ready to pack up the summer clothes. I’m ready to shop for winter maternity clothes. The staples of my wardrobe are a tank top and a cardigan. The cardigans are now at the back of my closet. I love sleeping under blankets. Staying cool this summer has proven to be impossible. I’m hot because I’m pregnant. I’m hot because it is ridiculously hot outside. We also don’t want a 300 dollar power bill (and I really don’t like the idea of wasting all the energy to keep our house chilly), so I refuse to make our house an icebox. It’s summer. We are supposed to be a little warm, right?  78 degrees it is for our house.

While summer isn’t my favorite season, there is always something to love. I love being barefoot and wearing flip-flops. I love how green the world turns. I love summer cookouts and swimming in the pool. Despite the fact that I was miserable on my saturday run, I love that I could jump in the ocean once I was finished. I normally love watching Christian surf (or paddling out to hang out with him and pretending I know a thing or two).  Too bad we haven’t had any surf this summer. I love shark week! It started yesterday!

Cole and his best buddy camping last week
We need another summer storm - off shore
Cole giving Christian a "10" at the end of his wave

Until the cooler temperatures decided to grace me with their presences, I’ll keep wearing summer dresses and flip-flops. Maybe my pregnant body will allow me to remain functional past 6pm so I can join in on summer BBQs with friends. Maybe we will have another storm off shore create amazing surf.  Each day the temperatures get even more hot outside, I will keep dreaming of fall weather (and football. and our fire pit. and cardigans. and beanies. and running in shorts and long sleeves).

Weather made for me

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One thought on “One month closer to Fall

  1. I cannot wait for fall. I can wait for school to start… but I am SO looking forward to the changing weather. Becoming a runner in these HOT summer months has been HARD and I am really looking forward to running through the seasons. It’s so exciting. 🙂

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