Another 40 day goal accomplished

As I write this post, Christian just told me to look out the window. It’s 8:20, and it is completely dark outside.  Summer is definitely coming to an end.  I know a lot of people love summer months. I love Fall, Winter, and Spring. These hot summer months and I don’t always get along.

Set #4 of my 40 day goal challenge is also coming to an end. August 22nd is the last day of this set. One of my goals, that has been lingering since set #2, is to take Cole to kids yoga class. I finally signed him up. This week he is attending a Kid’s Yoga Camp at Bamboo Studios.  It’s 3 hours every day. The class consists of yoga, arts & crafts, and community service.

Cole has been counting down the days until the start of this week. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so excited to go to camp. (shame on me for not getting him to the yoga studio before today). Cole loves yoga. He loves meditation. He LOVES crow pose and crane pose. He has some serious strength in the little body of his.

I don’t even know where to start with the benefits of yoga – yoga for kids, yoga for adults, yoga for pregnant ladies. I honestly can’t imagine our household without yoga. It gives Cole a sense of peace that balances out the side of him that needs to be perfect. It gives him a sense of accomplishment. It teaches him to be aware of himself, to be accepting of himself as he is today, and to encourage those around him. It teaches him patience. It teaches him to thrive in the quiet moments, to breathe his way into a comfort zone, and to relax. It teaches him to love the world around him.

This photo warms my heart! Cole heading to yoga!

Cole was all smiles when I picked him up! I got to the studio a few minutes early. The kids and the instructors were in the parking lot putting hearts on everyone’s car. They wrote notes of well wishes and have a nice days on each heart. What a great surprise to find on your car!

He was too tired to tell me about the camp when he got into the car, but all the fun facts started to slowly spilling out as the evening progress. He loved it! He’s ready for day 2 already!

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