This weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the entire year! It’s Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach.  Since we moved to Virginia when I was 8, we have always attended. The entire boardwalk turns into a celebration. It marks the end of tourist season. It welcomes in the fall. There is a surf competition, volleyball competition, boardwalk art show, sand sculpting competition, parade, lots of food, and a 5k and 8k race. My sister was in the high school band. She always marched in the parade. I played in the volleyball tournaments. As an adult, I’ve always enjoyed the art show. As a mom, I love the parade. One of these years I’m going to run the 8k.

Sand Castles are my Favorite!

Not only is this weekend a fun beach celebration, but a cold front is also on its way. This non-heat lover is very excited. I welcome the lows of mid 40s and highs of mid 60s with open arms.

Neptune Festival! Cooler Weather! and if that isn’t enough to make me excited………

My baby shower is on SUNDAY!

It’s a little sooner than baby showers are traditionally held, but my family knows me well. My sister and my mom have been working away to get things ready for Sunday! Since October is jam-packed with events with the exception of this weekend, the date was easy to decide. I’ve dedicated November as my month to get ready for the holidays. I hope to have all my santa duties done by Thanksgiving so I can relax and enjoy the holiday season with my family.  This weekend is the only free, not already assigned responsibilities, weekend on my calendar until December. CRAZY!

It is hard to wrap my brain around the idea that our baby is due in 88 days! It is even harder to wrap my brain around the idea that our baby is due 2 days after Christmas. Chet and I have had some serious talks about his due date. It would be very kind of him to allow me to be home Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning so I can enjoy the holiday with his brother. Chet is more than welcome to join us before the holiday or right after, but I’d like to be home to put out cookies for Santa! Let’s hope it works!

This picture never gets old

Although my pregnancy is flying by, I’m sure this weekend will be a fun reminder that my due date is right around the corner!

This weekend is all about enjoying family, friends, fall weather, and Neptune Festival.

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