Mood Boosters

Not a happy camper this morning

I can’t lie to save my life. I’m no good at keeping my own secrets. I love to share. I often share too much. I don’t think I’m surprising anyone when I say that I’ve had a rough week. It’s been emotionally rough. It’s been physically tough. Not having my usual running outlet definitely hasn’t help out with the surge of emotions.

This morning I woke up, and my first thought was “Can I really be grumpy the moment I open my eyes? Is it even possible?” I was already grumpy! I stumbled through the dark to the bathroom for my morning shower. I took my friend Tracy’s advice from yesterday. I enjoyed my shower. Long hot showers are a luxury I won’t be able to enjoy in 3 months. Instead of rushing through my morning routine, I tried to slow down.   I was a little less grumpy.

Thirty minutes later Cole was off to school. I was heading to work. I couldn’t shake the combined feelings of grumpy and instant tears.

During our birthing class on Wednesday, the doula’s briefly talked about emotions during pregnancy. They mentioned five mood boosters that can help with pregnant hormones.

1. Go Outside

2. Exercise

3. Treat Yourself

4. Complete a Project

5. Count your blessings

Although it sounds like common sense, when you are in the middle of a tear filled pregnant moment the common sense portion of your brain isn’t highly functional.

Since I was at work, I decided to focus on completing a project. My stack of papers to be filed is out of control. My desk is even more out of control. I took advantage of the quiet morning, and I organized my office. Instant gratification. Sitting at my desk is so much nicer when it is clean.

Once my desk was clean and my paper work was filed, I got a text from a friend that reminded me to count my blessings. Her text made my day and was a great reminder to count my blessings. Not to long after that, I got a phone call from Christian with more good news. The day was getting so much better!

After work, I decided to focus on treating myself. This is an area I often overlook. I’m good at getting outside. I’m good at exercising. I needed something different. I headed to target to shop for a new bra. I’m long over due for a new one since I’ve been “blessed” with pregnant boobs. Note to anyone who is pregnant: If your boobs are huge during pregnancy, Target will not carry a size big enough. Although I didn’t find a new bra, I did buy a new sports bra (also long over due). This may not be everyone’s version of treating themselves, but it makes me (my boobs and my back) very happy.

During our class on Wednesday, the dads had to draw all the parts of a pregnant woman’s changing body – belly, uterus, baby, placenta, boobs, etc. They also had to label how much they thought each part weighed. Apparently I have 10 lb boobs!

After Target, I headed to Trader Joe’s. I treated myself to my favorite dinner items – salmon, risotto, spinach, and squash. When all else fails, a good healthy dinner always makes me happy!  I also bought my favorite treat, Gummy Tummies.

What started off as an incredibly grumpy day has turned into an enjoyable evening. We had a great dinner. My mom stopped by with some goodies for Cole, to check out Chet’s room, to drop off a book shelf for Chet’s room that my sister gave us, and to say hello. Parenthood and Grey’s Anatomy are also waiting for me on the DVR.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going for a run or a walk at Mt. Trashmore. I even think I’ll stop at Starbucks for a Chai Tea (in my own cup) on my way home.

If you’re in Virginia Beach and looking for a doula or birthing classes, I can’t recommend our doula’s enough. They are wonderful. Check them out here if you are interested.


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4 thoughts on “Mood Boosters

  1. Yay! Glad to hear it. While I’m not pregnant, the hormone thing is/will be an issue…this tips will apply. I think it applies to everyone. Thanks for listing them and I hope tomorrow goes well for you…you deserve it!

  2. Hope your enjoying Gummy Yummies! Guess I should buy some of those…might be healthier then the Dots I’m eating right now!! Glad I popped in…it made my evening! xoxo

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