My love for Blissology

Sometimes in life you find something that connects with every aspect of who you are as a person. It feels like home. When I found Eoin Finn and Blissology, I was in love immediately. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was able to practice yoga at home with the Blissology DVDs by simply modifying a few poses. It is not that simple anymore. I miss the practice and can’t wait to start a 30 day Blissology project post-baby.

Eoin Finn has also outlined his Happiness Map through his Blissology project. It is currently laminated and hanging beside my desk.  Here are a few that I love and a few that I needed to be reminded of daily:

  • Deep Nature Appreciation is the best fuel
  • Harmonize your life with the ways of Nature
  • All actions are motivated by love of some kind
  • Every culture has a current in it that will pull you into a life of uninspired mediocrity. Follow your Bliss.
  • Let awe flow through you. Don’t let even the smallest things be taken for granted or grow stale.
  • The secret to Happiness is to not get stuck on oneself but to see the process of countless forms of life ceaselessly coming, interacting and going.
  • Cultivate a “What’s in it of us?” mentality.
  • To only be attracted to sweet forms of happiness is a trap.
  • It’s never to late to keep growing.
  • Love is the Ultimate Renewable Resource.

And my favorite

  • You are about to become all you are thinking.

I hope everyone finds their bliss in life.

You can follow this link to stream 4 of Eoin’s yoga videos for $10.

(And no…no one put me up to write this post! I just love Blissology so much that when I saw this deal, I had to share it with anyone who reads my blog).

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Finally made it into my 30s. Life is simple, rewarding, and full of lessons to be learned and goals to achieve.

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