Chet News – One Week of Life

Posting a day late – Sorry! I was busy 🙂 Eat, Poop, Play, Sleep, Repeat…..

Warning: Lots of Boob talk and references to nipples (yes! my blog has been taken over by baby talk for today!)

Our itty bitty baby celebrated one week of life yesterday. It’s crazy and wonderful (and a little sad) how much he has already changed since his birth. Knock on Wood….he is an incredibly easy baby so far. I may eat those words later on, but it has made transitioning back to life with a newborn pretty easy in our house.

Eating:  The most challenging day so far was our second night in the hospital. Chet loves to suck. I didn’t have my milk supply yet. He wanted to be latch on to my boob almost every 30 minutes for 20 minutes at a time. We caved in and gave him a pacifier. If I had trouble nursing, I probably would have stayed strong BUT the boy loves my boobs. My boobs needed a break. My milk came in shortly after we arrive home (about 48 hours after he was born). Since then he nurses anywhere from every 2-4 hours. He started off eating every hour and a half, but now we are settling in at about 3+ hours between each feeding.

Chet’s new adorable habit is to talk to my boob before he eats. He coos away for about 10 minutes before he latches on.

Sleeping: He sleeps great for a newborn. A normal(ish) night in our household has followed this pattern for the past week: Bed at 11pm, 1am feeding, 4am feeding, 8am feeding.  This has allowed me to get 2-3 hours of sleep in between feedings which has felt glorious.

Last night Chet and I lost his pacifier somewhere between eating and changing his diaper. I went on a frantic search in the dark trying to find where I lost it between my chair and his diaper changing table. It was no where. Ten minutes later I found it. It was swaddled in his blanket with him. Oops!

Wake-up Sequence #1

Play: I think the extra belly cooking time was great for Chet (shame on me for complaining!). The past few days, he has started to stay awake after each feeding. We are getting to enjoy 30 minutes to an hour of play time with Chet. He loves his black and white rattles. He is already trying to track them with his eyes and by sound. He’s also exploring the wonderful world of belly time. He’s spent a big 5 minutes on his belly daily and really seemed to enjoy it.

Personality: Incredibly laid back. He rarely cries unless he is hungry and doesn’t want to be bothered with a diaper change. I know they aren’t real smiles yet, but he is super smiley. He’s definitely exercising all the muscles in his face. He smiles all the time. He also has a super serious forehead. His facial expressions crack me up.

Wake-up Sequence #2

Things I wish I had known/done going into this week: I wish I had a dull light next to my nighttime feeding chair. One night of playing find the nipple in the dark was enough for me. Ouch! That one night of Ouch! led to cracked nipples. Cracked nipples led to bleeding nipples. Bleeding nipples led to blood in Chet’s spit up WHICH SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME! Thank goodness for the baby book on our coffee table and a calm husband. I was ready to rush to the ER with tears streaming down my face. Little did I know that it is pretty common.

I also wish I had spent a little more time researching pediatricians. I went with the doctors that have been seeing Cole since we moved back to Virginia. After our appointment on Monday, we will no longer being taking either of the boys to that office. Leaving a mom and her four-day old baby in the waiting room (even though it was the well waiting room) for over an hour is not acceptable. A simple congrats goes a long way. Front desk personnel should smile. Parents of healthy kids should cover their mouth when they sneeze. Doctors should be friendly to new emotional moms. Pediatricians should have places for mom’s to breast feed. The good news that followed that stressful appointment is that Chet is back up and over his birth weight (4 days after his birth). I told you the boy likes to eat! I wish we had a scale in our house now because he gets heavier by the day!

Mama’s recovery: I’m feeling great. I suffered from the baby blues when I had Cole (spent a lot of time crying, etc.). I really haven’t had any crazy mood swings (outside of the tears in the doctor’s office and when Chet spit up blood). I am feeling incredibly protective of Chet. Keep the germs away from my baby.

My body feels great too. My bleeding has almost completely stopped. My periods are much heavier. My only real complaint is that my lower back and core feel incredibly weak (as they should after carrying around 40 extra pounds). Yes! I gained 40 pounds with my pregnancy. No! I have no idea how much I weigh now, but my body is bouncing back slowly but surely.

Wake-up Sequence #3

Life with Chet feels perfect. Our house was missing him before he was born. It seems so normal and so natural to have this itty bitty bundle of joy hanging out with us 24 hours a day. I absolutely love this little boy. Now I’m just ready for his big brother to get home so our life can begin a normal routine. Cole will be home on Monday.

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8 thoughts on “Chet News – One Week of Life

  1. He looks JUST like Cole! Cole will be so happy to hear that everytime it is said!! Glad you have an easy baby and life is wonderful!

  2. Aww! So this post totally makes me feel awful about the week 40 update that I just posted. Don’t know how you remained so calm and peaceful going into this whole thing, but it’s obvious that it’s all so worth it in the end, no matter how long they take to get here!

    1. 🙂 Don’t feel bad! your week 40 post is exactly how I felt. I kept telling Christian it was like lining up for a race and having no idea when it would start. And it felt like it took forever!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow – he is a rockstar. You are right about the extra cooking time. Emma Claire wasn’t even opening her eyes a week into it! Good for you sweetie. He’s a doll.

    1. I keep telling Christian that this is not normal!!! We are so lucky that Chet is so easy. It’s only been a week so who knows if it will last, but I’m enjoying it while it is here!!!!

  4. aww- that last pic is precious!! let me know when you’re ready for frozen yogurt or coffee- i’d love to meet mr chet sometime!

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