Bringing back my 40 day goals

We are slowly transitioning out of survival mode in our house to actually functioning as a family of four. Chet still doesn’t sleep for more than 3 hours at a time (although he did trick me once by falling asleep at 7pm and not waking up until 1am. I should have gone to bed at 7 so I could enjoy those six hours. Instead I got three). He still loves to nap on his mama, but he is finding joy in his bouncy chair and play mat when he is awake. He’s also sleeping in his Moses basket more than he is sleeping with/on me at night. We are making progress. If only I could get him to nap somewhere besides my arms.

7 weeks old today - Enjoy on walk on this 72 degree day

Last night Chet was hanging out in his swing with one eye open (I told you we are making progress!). I went back and reread a few of my early posts in search of some running motivation. While I did find running motivation, I also realized that I like me. I love feeling comfortable in my own skin. I love feeling open to the world. While life was quite different last April (pregnant but didn’t know it yet), I’m not willing to let go of the me that was present during that time. Pregnancy and adapting to new-mommyhood has cloud my perception of myself. I’m so glad I have a blog to remind me what it is that makes me feel alive. It’s time to bring back my 40 day goals.

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Since these goals are about pushing myself, making myself better, keeping myself genuine and true to who I am I will be repeating a lot of the goals that I originally set pre-pregnancy. My goals are about becoming the best me I’m capable of being. They are about breaking bad habits and create new healthy habits.  If I’ve learned one thing about myself over the past 7 weeks of Chet’s life and the past 40 weeks of pregnancy it is that it is easy for me to fall back into old patterns. It’s easy to put the things I love on the back burner. Although there is a new baby in the mix, I am not willing to let go of me.

My new goals focus on finding balance in my new world. They  focus on remaining open to the world around me while keeping home life balanced. They are realistic. I have a 7 week old baby who loves his mama. I am a mama who loves her boys.  I will be transition back to work in the few weeks. I will be reminding myself to be patient with myself.

Who’s joining me? 40 days. However many goals you want. Go crazy. Play it safe. After not drinking for an entire pregnancy plus 7 weeks and counting maybe I’ll reward myself with a glass of wine or a celebration brunch plus mimosas.

40 days. Goals. Brunch and mimosas to celebrate our success at the end. How can you say no?

40 Day Goal Challenge (bouncing back after baby)

February 22nd – April 8th

  1. Run (3xs a week) while honoring the fact that my body just gave birth to a baby
  2. Yoga (once a week with Chet and once a week with just me)
  3. Reintroduce meditation back into my daily practice (as often as possible)
  4. Be brave and stay strong when I drop Chet off at my mom’s house when I return to work. Allow myself to cry but do not allow myself to get stuck in the sadness)
  5. Cook dinner at home 5 nights a week
  6. Eat dinner at the dinner table 4 nights a week
  7. Bring back Soup-er Sundays
  8. Date night with Christian
  9. Have a Cole and Mom date
  10. Finish the Cherry Blossom 10 mile run with a smile on my face
  11. Begin using cloth diapers

Reward: Brunch with Mimosas to celebrate!

I official started my goals yesterday to sync up with my friend who has taken me up on the 40 day goal challenge!

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6 thoughts on “Bringing back my 40 day goals

  1. I’m Down. I need this. It’s been a long and crazy year already. But super excited for what’s to come! Xoxo

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