My (First) Baby Boy is 8

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy. Eight years ago today, my heart learned the meaning of love. Cole has taught me how to love: how to receive love and how to give love. Thanks to my first baby boy, my heart is open to the world around me.

Happy Birthday Cole Reed. You will always be the best present I have ever received.

Cole's Birth Day
Look who is 1!
The Big 2!
3! 3! 3!
Celebrating 4!
5! oh my!
Look who is 6!
Turning 7!
Today Cole is 8!

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One thought on “My (First) Baby Boy is 8

  1. Seeing all these pictures…love love love!! Remember the duck cake we didn’t want to cut…it was too cute. The paper we used for his 5th birthday was the same paper I used yesterday…found it under his old bed in your tupperware box…maybe I should give that back to you! This years birthday cake was the coolest yet…he’s getting to big…wonder what he’ll choose for next year!

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