Another Birthday Celebration for Cole

Cole’s birthday celebrations carried over into this weekend. Instead of gifts, for the past few years we have taken Cole somewhere to celebrate his birthday instead. The first year we went to Baltimore to visit the Aquarium and the Science Museum. Last year we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. This year Cole wanted to visit Great Wolf Lodge again. The party kicked off Friday afternoon. We picked up Cole and his best buddy from school and headed straight to Williamsburg. The rest of Friday night and all day Saturday went by in a blur. It was filled with swimming, water slides, magiquest, and more swimming.Fun was had by kids of all ages, young and old.

The boys in their corner of the room
Must have been something good
First to bed. Last one to wake up.
One Fish. Two Fish.
Fun for the Husband
He loved the water too

And the cherry on top….we still have Sunday off before the work/school week begins!


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