I am Home.


After a delayed flight, I got home last night shortly after 9:30pm. I was met at the airport by a smiling husband and a huge embrace. We picked Cole up from his Dad (who was in town to watch Cole play baseball). As soon as I walked in the door, I tiptoed up the stairs to peak at sleeping Chet. I then quickly curled up on the couch with Cole and Christian to watch the Cardinals play baseball.

I am home.

While I enjoyed my three days of sunning, reading, drinking wine (and beer), puzzling, and conversing with my good friend, I missed home. While it was nice to shed the routine of my day (what do you mean I don’t have to be home at 5:30 to start dinner? No one needs to be in bed by 8?), I missed the things that outline my life. While it was nice to read a book cover to cover, I missed the pages that belong to my own story. I missed the sounds of my house. I missed my bubble. I missed seeing Cole play baseball. I missed nursing my baby to sleep. I missed the comfortable quiet Christian and I find each night after the boys go to bed.

Blue Springs State Park

Detaching for three days and living in the shadows of a friend’s life allowed me to relax, to unwind, to step back, and to come back to my life renewed. I had so many thoughts this weekend (and I will hopefully find the words to share them in the next few weeks). I had so many moments that made me say “my life is good”.

I am home.

As life evolves and I let go, I continue to fall in love with the world that Christian and I are creating for ourselves and our family. All the right pieces seem to be finding their way to our life puzzle. We have quit trying to live life and instead our letting life come to us. Our family patterns are evolving to embrace all the things we value. I’m creating and further developing friendships with people who add new layers of happiness and fulfillment to my life. The more I quit worrying and over thinking and forcing life, the more life is providing me everything I need. In the book I devoured this weekend, and I shall have some peace there by Margaret Roach, Margaret says that her garden tells her what to have for dinner. I think life is telling me how to live.

The more I slow down, the more I observe and notice all the small wonderful tiny miracles in my life, the more I am trusting that this is my life to live.

I am home.

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