Venturing Out

You know those things, those things you say you want to do but you never get around to doing them, those things that are just outside of your comfort zone but appeal to you at your core, those things you know you just have to do…

…I did one of those things this weekend.

And now I’m addicted. I’m reworking our monthly yearly budget so I can find an extra thousand  dollars (make that two – the husband needs one too!) so I can buy a paddleboard of my own.

Saturday morning the local chapter of Mom’s Run this Town set out on our monthly non-running excursion – Paddleboarding. We teamed up with Surf and Adventure Company and headed to False Cape State Park to paddle in the Atlantic Ocean on a beach where our only company was dolphins and pelicans (and a few crabs and horse flies).

Welcome Committee

I have to be honest though, I was very hesitant to go Friday night and Saturday morning. Even though I think I was the first person to RSVP with a big huge YES!, I was slightly nervous. I was (slightly) secretly hoping for rain. It was in the ocean. This meant I’d not only have to conquer the board and the paddling, but I’d have to conquer the waves. It was a big group of people, so I couldn’t bail if I got overwhelmed. I had to wear a bathing suit, and I’m still not 100% comfortable with my post-baby body although I’m getting there.

Saturday morning arrived without a cloud in the sky. I was on my way. I picked up Heidi along the way, and we were committed to going and having fun. Once we arrived in Sandbridge, we joined up with our group and headed to False Cape State Park.

If you haven’t been to this park, you must go.

How have I never been to this park? How is this beautiful piece of Earth in my own backyard? As we drove down the dirt road, I longed for my running shoes. These trails are meant for feet. (Plans to go back and run are already in the works!)

After a quick hike to the beach, we were on our boards and ready to paddle. We were greeted by dolphins who decided to hang out with us all day. Fortunately there wasn’t a lot of time for me to over think the situation. I was in the surf before I could even acknowledge my own apprehensions.

The quiet is addictive

And you know what…I surprised myself. Once I found my sea legs, I fell in love with the board and my paddle. I felt confident on my board. This little piece of the ocean belonged to me. It was so quiet. So peaceful. I felt in sync with the world around me. I was able to explore a piece of the ocean that isn’t meant for man to explore on his own two legs, and yet, I was on my own two legs. Our planet is such a beautiful place.

I’m so glad I said yes. I’m so glad it didn’t rain. I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out. Venturing out, out of my comfort zone, out of my daily routines, away from mom duties and training plans, is needed. Planting myself in the middle of nature makes me feel alive. It’s even better sharing the experience with great friends.

Loving it

Read Heidi’s post about our adventure HERE! Are you surprised we are friends?

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