On September 14th another set of goals came to an end without me noticing. I have not been a diligent student of setting goals (or better yet, tracking goals) since having Chet (although he is not to blame). I seem to be good at setting them, but I haven’t been following through. I haven’t been checking them off my list once I put them down on paper.

With my head held low (only for a second), I’m here to report that I did not do anything (most things) on my goal list except for run the rock n roll half marathon with a smile on my face.

As a reminder to myself (and to you), here was my last set of goals:

1. Take the time to sit down and write all the cards I’ve been meaning to mail – I need to share my appreciation of people with the people I appreciate instead of carrying it around inside of me.

I did one again. I got my mom a thank you card for taking care of both boys this summer and some of Trader Joe’s salt water taffy. I’m glad I did one, but I can do better.

2. Finalize the plans for our Family Mountain Trip. The Mountains are calling…

On hold due to Christian’s new job – I’m not driving 4 hours with a baby for a one night visit

3. Yoga! Spend as much time on my mat as I can – include Christian and include Cole.

It’s never enough. I always want more.

4. Host a vision board party. (I know Heidi and Jessica are in…any other takers?)

Sigh. No.

5. Further explore Pranayama Breathing (How is this not already a part of my life?)

Sigh. No.

6. Cole and Mama date

Sigh. No.

7. Stay flexible and open-minded as Christian starts his new job. (Did I mention he got a new job? again! This time he’s working with Craft Beers. He is a very happy man!) Remember longterm life goals for our family – This is where he is supposed to be!

YES! Almost. Mostly. It might have got bumpy, but we made it.

8. Run my race at the Rock n Roll half. Enjoy it. Smile.


And the big one………because this one makes me nervous and scared and happy and alive all at the same time

9. Start researching the process of becoming a doula.

Sigh. No.

Perhaps one of my favorite life photos: Black toes nails. Yoga Mat. Mala Beads.

So the truth is this…On paper I didn’t live up to my goal list. On paper I wouldn’t consider this one a win. But life isn’t lived on paper. Life isn’t lived by writing goals and following through. These are all on my goal list because the excite me. They make feel full of life. They make me nervous and happy and some of them push me out of my comfort zone. I may not have accomplished them in my 40 day time limit, but they are rooted inside of me. I will check these items of my life-list.

Over the course of our 13.1 miles on Saturday, Heidi announced that she had a confession to make: she hadn’t checked her goals off her list either.

What followed her confession was a long conversation over the course of a few miles about living life, finding contentment, and still striving for more and pushing beyond comfort. There has to be a balance. This conversation has followed me around all week? I’m someone who likes goals. I like pushing. I like experiencing new things. But I’m very happy with my place in life. If I’m always pushing for more, will I enjoy right now? How do you find contentment with life right now but still dream big?

Because life always works this way, as I was thinking these thoughts, I read this on Runninghood’s Facebook page:

There’s a definite ART in balancing life…an art in finding that perfect blend where we can embrace the “where we are right now” with the striving for “where we want to be”. I’d like to have a healthy dose of both of these things without losing sight of either one.
While I didn’t check majority of the things of my goal list, my lack of checks brought with them a oppurtunity to learn a valuable life lesson. Right now my life is about finding the art form of balancing life. I also want that perfect blend of embracing right now with striving for more. This is a new territory for me. I’m learning.
Next goal cycle will focus on this growth – this art form.
Sun setting on a evening run through my neighborhood

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8 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Hi there! Found you today via CultFit. I appreciate your positive perspective on not having accomplished your rather ambitious list of goals. So many times, people use an unmet goal as a way to beat up on themselves. It’s a great thing to look at the list and ask, “What did I do instead? Yeah, that was even better.” If you want to have a better-checked list next time, you might consider breaking a few of those down into smaller sub-goals, and see if you can just check off making some starts! And I agree–“enough” yoga time could be an oxymoron =-)

    1. Funny – Until you said ambitious, I would have never thought that about this set of goals. I just reread them…and it was very ambitious! Great advice to make smaller sub-goals. I haven’t created my next group yet. I think I’m going to take your advice and make “life goals” and use the 40day cycles to tackle subgoals for each one. Thank you for your feedback and shedding new light on these goals!!!

      1. Ha! I too tend to set my expectations for myself on the high side without noticing it. Subgoals have been really useful for me (I need a little success to stay motivated) and I look forward to seeing how your next 40-day cycle goes!

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