Forty-One Weeks. Four Days. That is how long Chet lived inside my body. Today he is forty-one weeks and five days old. His life has now existed outside my body longer than it did inside.

Another bitter-sweet moment for this mama.

Picking Pumpkins over the weekend

Since his birthday, we have celebrated so much. As quickly as he grew inside my belly, he seems to be growing even faster outside of it. Rolling over. Sitting up. Crawling. Laughing. Talking. Eating. Climbing. Pulling. Walking. Dancing.

Since his birthday, I have already forgotten so much. The feel of a baby flipping over inside my belly. His hiccups. The nonstop kicking sessions. The feel of his tiny hiney under my right rib cage. I miss hula hooping my hips all day long. I miss rubbing his little round hiney that always stuck out. I miss resting my dinner plate on my belly.

Yay Baby!

He is, by far, the best thing I’ve ever created in 291 days! Life is simple. And oh so sweet.

Hooray for a photo with all 4 of us! (Chet learned “so big” this weekend!)


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