Celebrating Eleven Months

Double Ones. Chet is eleven months old. This age is without a doubt my favorite stage of life. He’s blossoming. He’s coming to life. His personality is being defined. He’s maturing into a toddler. His actions are deliberate, and he’s become very interactive. We didn’t check too many physical milestones off the list this month – he is now taking a few steps but isn’t yet walking, and he can cruise along furniture at warp speedy – but he really has changed so much.

Ball is his favorite word. Anything that is round is a ball. When reading books, he points to every circle and calls it a ball. He wakes up in the morning, and requests a ball. Christian has asked him where his ball is and he will track one down.

Favorite moment for the month – When I was getting out of the shower, I was combing my hair. He was intently watching. He took the brush from me, and he started combing my hair for me. Sweetest moment. And then he hit me in the head!

His language and communication skills are really developing. He says the obvious words: BALL, mama, papa (whispered still!), Cole Cole. He also says Jack (my mom’s dog), woof, and today he said Tree over and over again(thanks to the Christmas tree we brought home).

I almost hate to say it, but I do think his sleep is trending towards improving. We still have “bad” nights (like last night – bed at 7pm, up at 9:30pm, back asleep at 1130pm, up at 4am to nurse, up at 5am to nurse, awake at 6:40am) but we are having a lot of “good” nights (one wake-up normally between 2:30am and 4:00am). He has even treated us to one sleep-in until 9am with only one nursing at 5:00am. We are definitely making progress.

He is still nursing. After depleting our frozen milk stash down to 1 bag (panic!), I have since added 6 more bags to the collection. I have no doubt we will make it to a year without introducing formula. This feels like such a huge accomplishment, and I’m so proud of both myself and Chet and my body for doing everything we needed to do in order for Chet to get this nourishment.

I can not believe my next post will be titled Celebrating One Year!

Remember last month how Chet was teething. We are STILL teething but it has hit a new level this weekend (fever, blood blister-ish looking gums, no appetite, and no sleep.)

Clapping for 11 months!



Walking! (of course I couldn't get back fast enough for a full body shot!)
Walking! (of course I couldn’t get back fast enough for a full body shot!)




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Weird Fun Fact: One of the first things I noticed about Christian when we started date was that he NEVER looks like himself in photos. Guess who else doesn’t look like himself in photos? Chet! Not one of these photos really look like him. Ha!

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