This weekend’s run included 12 miles of tapering.  I’m in disbelief that I’ve made it this far. I knew I could. I knew I wanted it. Actually arriving at this place, these last few weeks of preparation for the marathon, feels surreal.

Getting injured during my first attempt in 2011 has made this race mean so much more. My appreciation for what I’ve asked my body to do is deeper. The realizations are bigger. The miles needed to train for a marathon are a lot. I have a much deeper respect for the process. I respect my body more. The sacrifices my husband and family have made haven’t gone unnoticed.

I am truly grateful.

My favorite neighborhood tree - two cedars merged together as one. Rooted together.
My favorite neighborhood tree – two cedars merged together as one. Rooted together.

This overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my body and for the support of my family has also brought another realization. Race day really is a celebration of what I have already accomplished. It really is about showing up on race day. I want to run a happy race. I want to smile the whole way – through the hard miles, through the miles I think I can’t, and through the miles I wonder why.

I’m not delusional. I know race day is going to be hard. I’m anticipating a much harder race than any of my training runs (and both 17 milers were rough!), but I know I’m ready. I’ve trained for this race twice. Coming back from an injury is hard. Running through pregnancy was hard. Having a baby without pain medication was hard. Surviving the first year of my high-needs baby’s life was hard. Not sleeping for a year was hard. The reward at the end of each of these journeys surpassed all my expectations. I know race day will amaze me by what it gives back once I get passed the fact that it is hard.


12.02 miles in 1:55:50 (9:38 pace)

I am ready to celebrate. The countdown to race day continues…

13 days!

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3 thoughts on “Tapering

  1. You’re sooooo ready!

    I’m so excited to hear about you crossing that finish line 🙂 It’s a feeling you’ll never forget!!

  2. Great progress. Really enjoy you posting your apps as it inspires. I actually ran/walked 2 miles tonight. Seeing your 1100+ calories burned is really motivating.

  3. Your splits are so consistent! I think you might be surprised at how hard the race MIGHT NOT BE. I think you are so prepared (mentally and physically) that yes, it won’t be easy, but it will not be hard. A celebration? YES! Icing on the cake my friend. Enjoy!

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