Boston – A Lonely Runner’s Experience

My friend Rachael – the one who ran a huge chunk of my marathon with me – comes from a running family. Her sister ran Boston this past Monday. Here is her story. It’s an amazingly beautiful story….

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Running a marathon in a big city you’ve never been to is never an easy task, going alone is even harder.  Last year I qualified for Boston for the first time at the New Orleans Rock n’ Roll Marathon.  It wasn’t until November that I decided I should sign up for Boston when I knew that this might be my only chance to run a marathoners dream run before I moved back overseas with my Fiance where the military would inevitably keep me far away from the east coast.   After struggling through achilles tendonitis and lacking in my training, I woke up Friday morning and told myself “just go, just have fun and enjoy the course.”   I couldn’t find anyone to go with me but I had some friends that were in the local area, so I figured I would just hop in my car, drive 5 hours…

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4 thoughts on “Boston – A Lonely Runner’s Experience

  1. Kristy! Thank you so much for the kind words and reposting this story. I feel so blessed to have my life, my legs and my heart today. I swam, ran and did yoga today to clear my mind. It’s interesting, I didn’t talk much about my fiancé and why he wasn’t there to support me but he is in Korea and with the unstable leader of N Korea, every day I worry about him, as do a lot of people for the troops over there, not once do we think of a concern for ourselves on our own soil. It’s sad when we need to be alert not only in other countries but now here. Hope you have a great day and I love your blog!

  2. Kristy, Thanks so much for sharing her story. It is an absolutely heartwarming story about how much good their is in the world.

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