40 Day Goals: Say Yes!



This image showed up in my newsfeed a few weeks ago. It instantly took me back nearly four years when this blog was born. Breath of Sunshine was born from a set of 40 day goals. After being inspired by one of the first blogs I had ever read, I followed in her footsteps. I set small intentions for myself to correct some bad behaviors, to create healthy habits, and to let go a little more. No was my reflex answer to everything. Whenever asked if I wanted to do something, if I wanted to try something, if I wanted to experience something new, I always said no. I didn’t always mean No. I was just my go to response. I was protecting my comfort zone. When I saw this image, I got curious. How many of those forty day goals was I still successfully living? How many needed to be revisited? So I went back and I read them all.

Set #1 (recap), Set #2, Set #3, Set #4 (recap), Set #5, Post Baby Goals

There is a theme that exists in all these goals: be more intentional about the time I spend with my family, enjoy running more, spend more time on my yoga mat, and find a new job. I’m happy to report I’ve said yes to all of these things – mostly, almost.

Quality family time – top priority

Enjoy running – absolutely (thank you for coming back to me!)

Yoga – Oops

New Job – Oh yes!!! I finally made the leap.

All of this brings me back to saying Yes – Saying yes to the things I love, to the people I love, and the life that I love. Not overcommitting or saying yes because I feel obligating but saying yes because life feels good when you live it! For the next forty days I’m bring back the YES!

Forty Day Goals – SAY YES!

(October 3 – November 12)

1. Saying Yes to simple dinners at home around the dinner table

2. Saying Yes to yoga even when I’m tired at the end of the day

3. Saying Yes to sleeping in instead of waking up early because I feel like I have to run

4. Saying Yes to running after work with Chet…or Christian…or Alex…or friends because running with company is always better

5. Saying Yes to running further when my brain is trying to give up on long runs.

6. Saying Yes to sharing a drink with friends instead of rushing home to check homework

7. Saying Yes to fun Friday nights with the boys – evening bike rides, beach picnics, frozen yogurt for dinner. This perfect weather won’t last long

8. Saying Yes to trail runs instead of boring streets

9. Saying Yes to sharing the same couch as my husband even if the other boys in my life leave me feeling drained at the end of the day

10. Saying Yes to date nights

11. Saying Yes to the mountains that are screaming my name

11. Saying Yes to getting a babysitter so we can do some fun things with Cole without his little brother – haunted hayride & ropes course

12. Say Yes to saying Yes

13. Say Yes to more breathing room

14. Say Yes to Friday Favorites

15. Say Yes to radiating from my core instead of letting the outside world cast a cloud on me

 “i imagine that yes is the only living thing.”   ~E.E. Cummings

Join me in saying YES! Heidi is along for the adventure too – read her goals to get rid of Maybes here.

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