Reflecting on Yes

My return to 40 day goals has come to an end. Say Yes! was a wrap on November 12th. Bring these goals back into my life reminded me of one very important detail. My outlook on life determines everything.

“Energy follows thought; no matter how hard we work or how much we know, we tend to rise to our assumed limits, and no higher.” ~Dan Millman

Saying yes to opportunities as they presented themselves pulled me forward. Saying yes to the things I love most about daily living brought me comfort. Saying yes to the dreams that float around my head brought me closer to my heart. When life got challenging, I did my best to think positive. My brain tried many times to tell me I couldn’t. But I always responded by saying yes I can. On nights where Chet is being especially difficult at bedtime (visualize 10:30pm requests for more tractors), I can collapse into myself. I often think “I can’t do this anymore.” But the reality is I can do it, and I do it. Choosing to say “Yes” instead of “I can’t” changes my whole approach to the exhausting never ending problem. As I work towards building my mileage again, I found myself in a habit of saying “I can’t” or thinking that this run was doomed. Instead I’ve focusing on thinking that I can indeed run to that light pole. I can indeed run to the next turn in the trail. By the time arrive, I’m back to being mentally engaged.

Did I check everything of my list? No. But that isn’t the point of this exercise. Setting goals for 40 days to saying yes made me consciously aware of how I react to life.

As I start a new year in my own life, saying yes has to be my priority. The only way to thrive is to say yes. I know the reason I’ve been able to transition out of survival mode into thriving mode is because I’m making myself available in my own life. For the next 40 days, I will continue to say yes to the things that make me thrive. I will continue to say yes to living the life I love.

A new set of goals coming soon! Say Yes to Thriving!


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