“The issues of life present us with invitations to grow; which are wild by their very nature. Wildly arresting or wildly liberating. These moments are inevitable and impossible to avoid; but unequivocally for our edification. Yes, it may be difficult. Difficult, yet doable. Decide to thrive. Trust and transform.” ~ LaShaun Middlebrooks Collier

These were the words that spoke to me the most as I started 2015. I was stuck in a place of beginning and succeeding, and I was determined to move forward. I didn’t know what that would look like, I was uncertain of what I truly needed, but I was ready. I was ready to thrive. 

Thrive I did in so many aspects of life, but most importantly I found contentment with where I’m at in life. I reclaimed my heart. Over the course of 26.2 miles in Chicago, I polished my heart, and I came home ready to be just be. 

In 2015, I decided to thrive. In 2016, I want to trust and transform. This year is about being instead of becoming. This year is about standing comfortably in my own skin and taking ownership of dreams. This year is about confidently being me. 

I’m trusting my body and transforming my approach. I’m finding my own strength. 

Last night my family gathered for all the cousins to exchange gifts, to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and to ring in the new year. To my surprise, my parents gifted me a brand new wrist Mala. Whether it was intentional or not, the intention of the Mala is a perfect transition into 2016. 


“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” ~Hafez

Welcome 2016: not beginning or succeeding, but a year of just being, a year to trust and transform, and a year to discover my own strength.


Published by Kristy

Storyteller. Copywriter. Connector. Documenting the inhales and exhales of daily live.

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