Sweet 16

It just feels good.

This phrase has left my mouth so many times since the calendar changed to 2016. After all my group runs with the J&A Racing Training Team, I come home filled to the brim because regardless of time each on the clock, each run just feels good. As I sat in the tattoo studio on Tuesday, it felt so good (besides the physical pain) to get a tattoo I’ve wanted since Cole was born. After I leave Evofit, I always wander one block over to smell salty air and to sneak a peek at the rising sun because it just feels good.

I’ve talked to friends who are on the same journey, and every single one of them has used the same phrase when talking about life and choices.

This year is truly of year of filling myself up with what feels good.

As I read the blog of the leader of our training team, he posted 16 goals for 2016. As I read Ryan‘s goals, I found myself thinking – that feels right for this year. Megan jumped on board and posted her goals too, and again, it just felt right. I’m jumping on board the 16 for 16 goal train. I’m making choices based on what feels good

16 Goals in 2016

  1. More of “it just feels good”
  2. Meal Plan! Meal Plan! Meal Plan!
  3. Pack my lunch before I go to bed
  4. Half Marathon PR
  5. 5k PR
  6. Get Chet excited about sleeping in his own bed
  7. Take my boys to Utah
  8. Plan a day for just me and Cole
  9. Mountain Bike More
  10. A new fence
  11. Buy a picnic table
  12. Read more. Less Phone.
  13. Play Monopoly
  14. Date my hubby more
  15. Sit on the beach one day without children
  16. Reclaim my house – take all those baby toys to goodwill

If something doesn’t create the response “it just feels good” there is a good chance I won’t be doing it this year! Less energy on nonsense, more energy on the good stuff.  

Sunrise Escapes

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One thought on “Sweet 16

  1. I think these are all great goals. We need to catch up at Shamrock.

    Meal planning is something I have struggled with for a while. I’ll make a plan through the week and halfway during the day I’ll decide I want something else.

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