40 Day Goal Challenge

Before my blog existed, I stumbled upon a tiny gem in the blog world: Smile with your Heart. As I read through each and every one of her blog posts, I felt that tiny fire inside of me growing bigger and bigger. I found this blog at the exact moment when I was craving more from my life. I just didn’t know how to start the journey. This blog introduced me to the world of setting goals for myself and the 40 day goal challenge. Over a year later, 40 day goals are now something I look forward to and embrace in my own life.

What’s the theory behind 40 days? It takes 40 days to create a habit (or to break a habit).

Creating goals for yourself should also be a continuous cycle in your life. 40 days puts a framework around your goals. You have 40 days to live what you have wished for yourself. At the end of the cycle, you can evaluate your progress. Some of the goals may work perfectly. Some of the goals may look better on paper.

Your goals should always inspire you. They should always be specific, measurable, and written in the present tense. They should excite you. And the really good ones – they might scare you!

Writing it down on paper is the first step. We all have tiny whispers inside of us that are dying to be exhaled. By putting them down on paper and living them for 40 days, they will stick. The once tiny whisper will become a part of your daily life. 

What to join me on this journey? Let me know! My friend Heidi is conquering her own 40 day goals too! Read them here!


10 thoughts on “40 Day Goal Challenge

  1. Goal #14 accomplished this week! I’m wondering, though, if you’ve been in the tent? If I was off this weekend, I would say let’s hit the road!

    1. Sigh………I haven’t slept in my tent yet! and we are hitting the road to pick up Cole on saturday. I’ve got two days! Think I can talk Christian into a backyard campout tonight or Friday night?

      Thanks for meeting me for lunch and the quick trip to blue ridge!

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