About Me

Life is full of love, excitement, lessons to be learned, and goals to achieve.  Good  things are happening. I’m making sure that I’m in a place in my life that allows me to be open to all the good that is around me.

I am….

  • a dream chaser
  • a lover of nature
  • a lover of words
  • a lover of running
  • a lover of yoga
  • a wife to Christian
  • a mom to Cole, 12 years old, and Chet, 4 years old
  • an advocate for childbirth

I am learning to…

  • always share myself openly
  • challenge myself with goals
  • trust the unknown
  • embrace change instead of fearing it
  • grow into the things that challenge me

In 2010, I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Health Promotions from Virginia Tech.  I also have my undergraduate degree in English from Old Dominion University.  I believe that at our core, everyone being is the same – our wants, our desires, and our needs. We all crave a sense of community. Everyone should have the chance to chase their dreams. By sharing my successes and my stumbles along the way, I hope to gain confidence to keep going. I hope to create a community for myself and for others to just be.

We are all in this together.

Backpacking Whiteoak Canyon

Every year, on my birthday, I take time for myself to reflect and to dream.

Celebrating 36. Celebrating 35. Celebrating 34.  Celebrating 33.

Want to know about my journey to find my breath, read my blog entry here:  What’s in a Name?

Read more about my life mission: What’s your Life Mission?


18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. And John and I love you being our daughter-in-law! Christian couldn’t have found a better wife. You guys are a perfect fit!

  2. Sorry to write another comment. This is a new blog? Mine is as well. I may have missed it, but are you from Virginia? I’m from NC, but now live in Ontario, Canada. Anyway, you seem to shar a lot of views like myself, so found you very interesting.
    Keep it up, great work!

    1. Write as many comments as you’d like! It is a new blog – I just started in April. I live in Virginia Beach, VA. What part of NC are you from?

      Thank you for such kind words!!!!

  3. I am from Greensboro. About 45mins to Raleigh and 1hr 15mins to Charlotte. Love it there and miss all my friends and family. Really enjoying Canada though. Work and people are great. Such a different mindset here than at home re: politics, religion, race, etc.

    1. The more I blog and read blogs – the more I’m loving Canada 🙂 I seem to find a lot of people there with a similar outlook to mine! I’m loving your blog. I’m really looking forward to reading more of it as I settle into the week.

  4. Canada is great! I love my life here. Thanks for reading my blog. I started it b/c of a rough year. Both of my dogs (which are like children to me) died, my mother had a mastectomy(removal of left breast b/c of cancer) and I had a molar pregnancy. I thought I’d blog b/c molar pregnancy is rare and not a lot of people know about it. My surgery was Jan 7, 2011, so I just want to help others. Thanks again.
    You and I are very similar. The more I read your blog, the more inspired I get. Talk soon.

  5. I just came over from your comment on my blog! I’m so glad, too, to find another pregnant runner! And it looks like our due dates are fairly close (I’m due Jan. 13th). I’ll be following along with your story 🙂

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  7. I’m glad I came over from instagram to your blog. I just moved away from Hampton Roads area (literally 2 weeks ago) down to Texas. Anyways, I graduated with an undergrad in community health in 2012 and spent a year working on a college campus in health promotions. Now down in Texas I’m looking to find something similar. (Though I’m moving back to the east coast to NJ…boyfriend is a pilot). So anyways it’s great to hear of another runner with a health promotions degree.

    1. Thanks for coming over!!!! I’m not currently working in the health field (waiting on my youngest to start school before a career change), but It is so nice to see someone working in the field. I hope you find something in Texas too. It’s such a great way to incorporate a love for running with work!!!!

  8. Kristy,

    I would love to have you come to our 5K in Virginia Beach on Oct. 11. I work for Electric Run.

    Check out our Website: electricrun.com

    Kristy, I would of emailed you but I didn’t see one on your blog. We give you some free bibs if you blogged about our event.

    Please email me and we can discuss more

    Joel McAllister

  9. Good morning!

    My name is Randy Russelburg. I have designed a fundraiser that will be used by the majority of high schools in Virginia Beach. I am currently looking for media exposure, bloggers are a good way to do that, and I know y’all are usually looking for relevant content.
    I feel this fundraiser would follow along with the theme of your blog, would you be interested in a blogger interview for your blog? Or, is this something that is inappropriate to ask a blogger. I am SO new at this. LOL
    Let me know what you think!
    Thanks so much,

    Big Randy

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