A Flower in the Sunshine

As I searched the Internet for a quote that embodied the happiness I felt exploring our local botanical gardens with Chet, my mom and my two nieces, I stumbled up words I adored. I read them and thought this is me.  Maybe I should ask Christian to post it on my birthday.  I wish someoneContinue reading “A Flower in the Sunshine”

Focused and Free, Shamrock Half Marathon 2016 

In a million ways yesterday was a perfect race. I ran to my potential based on what race day had to offer.  I felt strong and engaged. Mentally I found my sweet spot. In one way yesterday’s race fell a little flat. The race clock doesn’t match my potential. The story of the race clockContinue reading “Focused and Free, Shamrock Half Marathon 2016 “

A Shamrock Story 

It’s race week. The lead up to this race has had its own story to tell just like every other race except this one feels different. This one belongs only to me.  With a brand new blank slate to write my own story, I’ve been left with only my wants, my passion, my desire andContinue reading “A Shamrock Story “