Current Set of Goals (8/6 – 9/14)

With this set of goals, I’m really trying to honor myself. I’m very happy with all the positive changes I’m making in my life, and I believe they should be celebrated. This goal cycle also happens to fall in line with the start of my fall race schedule. I’ve worked hard to rebuild my running base post injury and post baby. Now is the time to enjoy running. I really want to make sure I take the time to embrace the things I love. I want to celebrate the success of my family as we strive to live a genuine happy life, and I want to celebrate the success of my road to living “free of baggage”. Now is the time to live my life.

August 6th – September 14th

1. Take the time to sit down and write all the cards I’ve been meaning to mail – I need to share my appreciation of people with the people I appreciate instead of carrying it around inside of me.

2. Finalize the plans for our Family Mountain Trip. The Mountains are calling…

3. Yoga! Spend as much time on my mat as I can – include Christian and include Cole.

4. Host a vision board party. (I know Heidi and Jessica are in…any other takers?)

5. Further explore Pranayama Breathing (How is this not already a part of my life?)

6. Cole and Mama date

7. Stay flexible and open-minded as Christian starts his new job. (Did I mention he got a new job? again! This time he’s working with Craft Beers. He is a very happy man!) Remember longterm life goals for our family – This is where he is supposed to be!

8. Run my race at the Rock n Roll half. Enjoy it. Smile.

And the big one………because this one makes me nervous and scared and happy and alive all at the same time

9. Start researching the process of becoming a doula.

Reward: I’m not sure yet!

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