2013 Goals

The Vision

This year is about embracing the light that exists inside of me. It is about sharing love and embracing love. It is about sharing my passions with the world and making a contribution to the world around me. I want to glow!


Personal Goals

Mental Health:

Find a healthy balance between runner high and tired/grumpy. I can let the hungry, tired, grumpy version of myself take over sometimes. Let it go….


Submit writing to various sources at least once per month. This year I want to shine. I need to share more. I need to share more than my personal daily store. I will share my creative writing. I will write more for me. I will blow dust off the stories inside me that are begging to be told. I will quit hiding behind the safety of my computer screen.

Outdoor Life:

Spend more time at the ocean this summer – get out of the “but we have a baby” rut.  Last summer we got stuck inside. We had a high-needs baby. I let that hungry, tired, grumpy version of myself control a lot of our day-to-day activities. I panicked at the thought of taking Chet somewhere new and away from home because of all the what-ifs. I will remember our baby is social and loves to be outside even on his grumpiest of days.

Take the boys camping. I want to spend more time in the mountains. They are so close to home. Chet will be just fine on a 3 hour car ride.

The boys need a swing set.

Home Sweet Home:

New baby, working mom, marathon training – home life got away from me last year. This year I will take control over our house. I will get our house organized – declutter, throw away, downsize. We will have a yard sell so we can walk through our garage. We have started so many projects, and we just have to finished the final step. I will finish the last step of all the projects we started but didn’t finish. Our kitchen will get a fresh coat of paint.


Print and frame photos. We have so many family photos. I haven’t printed anything since our engagement photos. Get Chet up on the walls. Show off our wedding. Hang Chet’s pictures in his room. Begin working on our tree wall in our bedroom.

Curb Appeal:

Our house needs a face lift. New front door, new shutters, new light fixtures, take control of flower beds, and find a place to plant some veggies (front yard).

Health/Fitness Goals

Immune System:

Before I training for another marathon, I need to get my immune system balanced out. I will figure out what works best for me, and I will stick with it.


I will get out of my comfort zone. I run for the love of running, but I also run because it allows me to prove to myself over and over again that I can achieve things in life. I need to push myself more. The faster I run, the less time it takes which will give me more time at home. I also need to experiment more with nutrition on long runs.

Running goals:

  1. Sub 25 minute 5k
  2. Sub 2 hour half marathon
  3. A strong marathon with a quality run (No cruise control)
  4. Long runs in the 9s. Short runs in the 8s (upper 7s).


Keep exploring. My journey with yoga always amazes me. Every time I show up on my mat, I walk away a better person.


Have the confidence to really push myself. I need to get stronger to stay healthy and to run faster. Find the balance that works for me and my body.

Career Goals

My paycheck profession:

Find peace with whatever path I choose! There is no right path. There is only the path I choose.


Don’t settle. My boys are wonderful, easy, curious children. I want to keep growing as a mom so I can keep guiding them through their childhood.


I do consider this to be a part of my career. I chose to be a wife. I chose my husband. I need to value him more. I need to carve out more time for loving him. Loving him is so easy, I sometimes forget that I need to nurture our relationship. I need to quit forgetting. More date nights.

(updated March 2013)


4 thoughts on “2013 Goals

  1. i love it! i sure hope we have kids around the same time this next year or so- it’d be great to be going through it all at the same time!

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