“Once your baby arrives, the world is no more the same than you are. Because from our very bodies we add to the collective human destiny. Our deepest urge is always toward life, to wholeness and well being.”  ~Claire Fontaine 
I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that our children are born to us with a lesson. They have something to teach us. Inside the small body contains a huge spirit that is here to guide us mothers and fathers to our truest source of happiness.
Cole gave me the gift of love. Through him I learned exactly what it meant to love someone. I saw love in action for the first time in my life. I felt it through every cell. My heart found life they day he was born. This new-found knowledge lead me to make some tough decisions in my life – divorce and moving. This new-found knowledge also lead me to life I am living today, a life rooted deeply in love.
Chet continues to show me that life is best lived if you just let go. Letting go of expectations, preconceived notions, plans, schedules and judgement and living each and every moment is the only way to live life. He is teaching me to trust. He is teaching strive for everything I want in life.

Cole gave me my foundation. Chet is helping me grow. I’m honored to be their mom, and I truly hope that I can guide them through life knowing how much they are loved.


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