Previous Goals

Set #7  (June 18th – July 27th)

Getting back in the swing of things

  1. Embrace a hands free lifestyle – play with my children when we are playing. Engage with my husband when we find a few precious moments together. Ditch the cell phone. Forget about the laptop. I want to just be with my family. If you call or text after 5pm, I might not respond until the boys are in bed. Sorry in advance.
  2. Cancel Cable – Who needs it? I’m sick of the background noise. I’m tired of it being an empty filler. There are games to play, puzzles to conquer, books to be read, and lots of miles to run. Because I don’t have enough time in my day, I’m choosing to not have time for television.
  3. Get creative in the kitchen – Don’t waste our CSA box.
  4. Take the time to sit down and write all the cards I’ve been meaning to mail – I need to share my appreciation of people with the people I appreciate instead of carrying it around inside of me.
  5. CLOTH DIAPER! I’m done talking about it. I’m doing it! A diaper can sit in a land fill for 500 years before it decomposes – reason enough!
  6. Gently hold onto my training plan – stick to the plan but be flexible.
  7. Create a summer contract for when Cole returns from his dad’s house.
  8. Live Hands Free Mama’s challenge to be alive each week:
  9. Plan a trip to the mountains
  10. Ride my bicycle – it has been over a year! Geesh!
  11. Learn to “blow bubbles” – step one to conquering my fear of swimming laps in a pool. I’m going to learn how to breathe appropriately while swimming. Baby Steps!

Reward: A trip to the bookstore to wander around and buy a few I can’t put down

Set#6 (February 22nd – April 8th)

Bouncing Back from Baby

  1. Run (3xs a week) while honoring the fact that my body just gave birth to a baby
  2. Yoga (once a week with Chet and once a week with just me)
  3. Reintroduce meditation back into my daily practice (as often as possible)
  4. Be brave and stay strong when I drop Chet off at my mom’s house when I return to work. Allow myself to cry but do not allow myself to get stuck in the sadness)
  5. Cook dinner at home 5 nights a week
  6. Eat dinner at the dinner table 4 nights a week
  7. Bring back Soup-er Sundays
  8. Date night with Christian
  9. Have a Cole and Mom date
  10. Finish the Cherry Blossom 10 mile run with a smile on my face
  11. Begin using cloth diapers

Reward: Brunch with Mimosas to celebrate!

Taking a break until Maute Moo makes his appearance at the end of December!

Set #5 (August 23rd – October 1st)

1. Paint Mister Moo’s Room

2. Run the Rock n Roll half-marathon and enjoy the race

3. Furniture Shop (craigs list, antique stores, yard sales etc) – Pie Cabinet for front room (office stuff), Dresser (Mister Moo’s Room)

4. Submit paperwork to renew teaching licenses

5. Read a book (for fun!)

6. Read The Bradley Method book

7. Sign up for a labor/delivery class

8. Curtain Projects – Living Room and Mister Moo’s Room

9. Camp with Cole (possibly September, maybe October)

10. Date night with Christian

11. Register for Mister Moo

12. Come up with post half-marathon running plans AND post-Mister Moo running plans

Reward: A NEW pair of TOMS for my chubby pregnant feet

Set #4 (July 14 – August 22)

1. Start Composting

2. Take Cole to Kid’s Yoga

3. Keep up with Training Plan

4. Incorporate more yoga into my weekly routine

5. Meet up with Mom running group for group run (just to meet everyone!)

6. Paint Kitchen & replace wainscoting

7. Clean out Maute Moo’s closet

8.  Post Vision Board

9. Meditate for 10 minutes every day

10. Plan fall camping trip with Cole

11. Read 2 books

12. Give blog a facelift

13. Tackle Family Room Curtain Project

Reward – New Running Shorts!

Set #3  (June 2 – July 13)

1.  Make a Rain Barrell

2.  Start Composting

3.  Create Vision Board

5.  Take Cole to Kid’s Yoga (Monday Nights at Bamboo)

6.  Paint our Living Room (and maybe our kitchen!)

7.  Take down bathroom mirror to “discover” what is behind it – ants are currently invading our upstairs bathroom and they appear to be coming from behind the mirror.

8.  Organize Garage, Laundry Room, and Hall Closets

9.  Clean out future baby room (hence the reasoning behind #8 – got to make room for baby)

10.  Sleep in our tent – spend one weekend hiking/camping

11. Keep up with Training Plan

12.  RELAX – don’t let myself get stuck in “go” mode

Reward: A must have, but completely NOT needed baby item! Rain Barrel

Set #2 (April 23 – June 2)

1. Trader Joe’s Sundays – grocery shop for the week and plan ahead

2. Create Vision Board

3. Post life goals – 1 year, 5 year, 10 year

4. Follow training plan & listen to my body

5. Eat dinner Solo – no laptop, no magazines, no books (Thanks Sara!)

6. Take Cole on his 1st backcountry  backpacking trip

7. SWIM! Take a lesson to learn real technique, take a aquatics class, jump in and swim a lap! I don’t care what it is, but I’m making myself get in the pool!  Giving myself a pass until an adult swim clinic opens up!

8. Learn to change a flat tire on my road bike

9. Start composting in our backyard

10. Make/Buy a rain barrel

11. Find a yoga studio I want to join. on hold for a little bit – I’ll explain more in a future blog.

12. Paint 1 room in our house.

13. Get Cole to a kid’s yoga class

14. Visit Sara and Shawn in Richmond

15. Per Kerrie’s request – start brainstorming bigger ideas


40 day goals – Set #1 (March 14th – April 22nd)

1. Yoga – 6 times a week

2. No Running

3. Say “Yes” More

4. Sleep in our tent at least once.

5. Celebrate Marathon Training Victories

6. No computer after work (this one might need modification since I’ve started this blog – the purpose was to eliminate time wasted doing pointless stuff online)

7. Clean Kitchen before going to Bed

8.Bike – 3 times a week (starting 3/20)

9. Love my job for what it is. Do not focus on what it isn’t.

10. Look for a new job – 4 times a week

11. Daily Vitamin

12. Eat dinner at the table 5 times a week.

13. Cook at home – 5 times a week

14. Catch-up with a friend (in-person) once a week

Reward – Blissology Hammock

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