Raising Boys

My boys are my greatest teachers. Through Cole I learned to love. He placed me on the path that has allowed me to continually discover who I am. Through Chet I am learning the art of letting go. He is teaching me to embrace the journey.

My boys both come wrapped in their own unique package. Cole is my healer. He is intuitive and a peace maker. He expresses himself through art and music. His brain loves to wander. Chet is my whirlwind. He is constantly in motion. His hands, feet and mind are always working together.


Life Lessons learned from my tiny wonders:

Vote for Cole


Love is Possible

The Middle of the Mountain


Grow into it

Grow into it, still growing

Standards of Success

A Snail with the mail (and a Smile)

Beyond Grounding


I Quit

Standing on the Shoreline

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