2016 is my year to be unbreakable. As a member of the J&A Racing training team, I’ve found the right balance for my life. This year is about embracing my goals. It’s about navigating the path towards achieving these goals with a whole heart. It’s about feeling alive.

I intend to maintain my running base keeping ten miles as my normal long run. As summer approaches, I plan on turning up the intensity of my training to carry me to some significant PRs in the fall.

Two years ago I created a training plan with 8:18 written on the top. I’m holding on to this goal. I have no doubt my body is capable. My challenge is keeping my heart engaged when training gets tough or setbacks occur.

8:18 qualifies me for Boston. While my life doesn’t lend itself easily to marathon training right now, it does lend itself to half marathon training just fine. My goals for 2016 are based on times I need to see to make 8:18 an reality on my garmin.

Why do I want to run faster? Why do I want to push myself? Because this is when I feel alive. This is when my heart thrives. This is when I’m the best version of myself – when I’m striving, when I’m growing, when I’m surprising myself.

“With brave wings she flies.”

My cheer section! It doesn't get much better!
My cheer section! It doesn’t get much better!


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