Feeling the Freedom

Classic Kristy!

Every morning should start with a good laugh. This morning I got to work, completed my normal morning routine, started talking to Bobbi, looked at my feet, and GASP! I’m wearing one black flip-flop and one brown flip-flop.  OH DEAR! I even have an important walkthru at 9:30am.  No time to run home and change shoes – I just have to laugh and go about my day!

 Training Day #1 is now behind me – it feels so good to be in the middle of training even if it is just walking.  I love training. I love having my training plan posted next to my desk at work and on the fridge at home so I can physically check off my progress.  I have found that if I post my goals and make them visible for me to see every day, I will accomplish each task.
You have been missed!

Yesterday was beautiful outside, so I  broke part of the training plan – I ditched the tread mill and hit the trails at 64th Street. I even made the husband and the dog join me.  I pulled my Garmin out of the electronic basket in our living room, dusted it off, and put it back on the charger.

The plan of attack for our walk in the woods – 5 minutes of easy walking, 20 minutes of walking at a 15 minute mile pace, easy walk back to the car.  Poor Christian.  I don’t think he was quite prepared to go for our speed walk through the woods. We were walking so fast we were one step away from jogging.  Maybe I’ll make him a t-shirt that says “Support Husband – helping my wife getting her running legs back” so he doesn’t look like the weird guy who likes to walk fast, waving his arms, and shaking his booty through the park 🙂

Support Husband, Support Dog

We walked (arms and booty shaking) all the way to the boat ramp parking lot. My 20 minutes of speed walking was up – and NO PAIN IN MY LEG! That deserves a high-five! We turned around and just enjoyed the day and each others company on the walk back to the car.  We even took a quick detour to let Alex play in the bay.

While we are making the most of spring break on the east coast, Cole is having a blast in Nashville!  My boy is growing up! Mr. Timid, Afraid to Try Anything, Over Analyzer Cole FINALLY got on his dirt bike at his Dad’s house.  His dad bought him the dirt bike for his 3rd birthday and Cole has always been too afraid to ride it.  Not anymore! He can’t get enough. He is begging to go faster and is even changing gears on his own.  Over the past few weeks, he is really enjoying himself and trying new things. It makes my heart happy because I know he is happy. Once he steps outside of the safety box, that crazy boy really amazes me!

Vroom! Vroom!

Spring has been good to our household! Cole’s opening up to new experiences, I’m training again, Christian let go of his embarrassment and anxiety to arm shake, booty shake walk with Alex though lots of crazy dogs yesterday, and Alex…….he’s enjoying being a dog!

Enjoy the spring! Open yourself up and see what comes your way! The freedom you will feel is addictive!

Clean the Bay Day is right around the corner………….go online and sign up to volunteer!  http://www.cbf.org/clean

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