Happy Birthday Auntie A

Happy Birthday to my very wonderful Aunt Amy! She is 21 all over again – funny how that happens!

Sometimes people stumble into your life exactly when you need them.  I didn’t grow up knowing my aunt. Technically speaking, she is my half-aunt. She is my dad’s younger half-sister (same dad, different mama).  After their dad passed away, my dad lost contact with both of his sisters.  One day when I was 19, we were visiting family in Wisconsin.  My dad asked me to get him the phone book from inside so he could look up old childhood friends. When my dad couldn’t find any last names he recognized, he realized that I had handed him the Milwaukee phonebook.  He then decided to look up his Dad’s “other” family that lived in Wisconsin – and he found them! Amy’s mom Marilyn still lived in the same house.  My dad immediately called them, Amy drove over from Madison, Wisconsin, and my dad and I meet them for the lunch the following day.

Lunch with their family was/is one of my biggest ah-ha moments in life. I have always been the “middle child” or the “black sheep” of my family (for lack of a better description).  When I meet Amy, I fit! At 19, it was HUGE for me to finally realize that I am a part of this family of mine.  I might be less like the family I grew up with, but the Larson blood flows with full force through my blood. I finally made sense. I finally got it.  I was finally okay being me.

Amy and I have definitely shared laughs and tears over the years.  Moon Shine Parties to boys peeing on themselves to Paolo Nutini concerts to falling off of bar stools!…..Thank you Amy for helping me find my place in this crazy adult world.  Happy Birthday to you!

 Now that you are back in the states, it is time to take some new pictures! Love you Amy!!! xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Auntie A

  1. Awwwww, thank you Kristy – you make me feel like I make sense too…does that make sense?! I love you!!! xoxo

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