Take Notice and Listen

It is so easy to go through our daily lives absorbed by everything we have going on in our head and what is around us. In addition to juggling my own life, I am also a wife to Christian and a mom to Cole. I think anyone who has important relationships in their life whether they are a spouse, a parent, a best friend, a sibling, etc. knows the stress you can feel by trying to do things and be there for the people you love. I could easily fill my day with things I need/want to do for myself – and sometimes I do. Most days, I’m attempting to balance my own sanity with Christian’s schedule and Cole’s schedule.

Time is such a valuable thing. It’s an amazing thing to offer someone.  Appreciate the gift someone gives you. When talking to people, really listen.  Turn off the TV. Walk away from your computer. And listen. This is something that I know I struggle with on a daily basis. It is almost impossible to have a focused phone conversation with someone after I get home from work. I can guarantee that I will be distracted by Christian, Cole, the dog, homework, dinner prep, etc.  To avoid these distractions, I tend to do most of my phone talking in the car (gasp! I know, maybe not the best choice – I’m working on it! But I promise you I don’t text while driving!). I also added the goal of catching up with a friend in person once a week to my 40 day goal challenge.  I much rather sit down and catch up with a friend in person once a week than talk on the phone half listening 7 days a week.

Dont let this be your next conversation!

I’m sure we have all been on both sides of a conversation when someone isn’t actively listening.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to repeat yourself over and over again – or  finding yourself repeating details from a conversation you had two days ago that were forgotten.   Or even worse,  hearing a long pause of silence with a completely inappropriate filler response.  I also find it frustrating when I can’t fully engage in the conversation.  Not only am I wasting the person’s time who I’m talking to, I’m wasting my time. Going forward, I’m making a point to make all my conversations meaningful. Yes! Catching up on weekend stories and favorite TV shows can be meaningful if both people are listening and sharing. It’s about interacting with people, connecting with people, and sharing the gift of time.

Take notice of the people around you! Pay attention to what is important to them! Better yet, make them notice what is important to you!

One of the main reasons I started this blog is because I’m always apologizing for or insecurely giggling about all the things that are important to me.  Why do I apologize for things that benefit me and my family? When I first started my 40 day goals, I slowly started telling people about it by saying, “I know it’s crazy and I don’t expect much from it, but I’ve come up with 40 day goals to challenge myself” followed by some insecure laughter.  It is not crazy! I do expect a lot! I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think it would benefit my life. I still find myself having the same dialogue about my blog.  I tell people I’m bored at work and need something to do or I just wanted another hobby.  Wrong again! I need to quit apologizing for who I am and stand up for me. I’m writing this blog because it holds me accountable.  I’m writing because I truly enjoy it. It makes me think. It makes me evaluate my daily life. It motivates me to try new things.  I’m also writing because I hope it will help inspire other people to stand up for themselves or motivate them to try something new.

I’m done apologizing for being me. I love who I am. I love what I choose to do for myself.  I do not need to validate my life process through the opinion of those around me. Those who love me will take notice, and they will listen to my stories about challenging myself.  Some of them may even join me in the process.

My 2nd 40-day Goal Challenge starts on Saturday! Join me in the process! More details to come this weekend….

Published by Kristy

Storyteller. Copywriter. Connector. Documenting the inhales and exhales of daily live.

5 thoughts on “Take Notice and Listen

  1. Kristy- this is such an inspiring post! I’m absolutely loving reading your blog- I relate a lot to much of what you write! Your discussion on not apologizing for who you are or downplaying what you take on is dead on for me- I need to knock it off too! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Morgan! I really have got to reprogram my brain when it comes to downplaying my life too. Such a bad habit – and I’ve REALLY started to notice it this week.

  2. I wish I was there to catch up with you in person. I love reading your blog…I look for it when I come home from crazy days at the hospital and school.

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