My baby boy is 7

How in the world did Cole turn into a 7-year-old? 7! That is a big age.  There is not even a hint of baby left, and some days we might as well fast forward to teenager. Being his mom is the best gift I could ever receive.  He is funny, a little crazy, definitely bull-headed, an amazing artist, and he has the sweetest, kindest heart of any child I have ever meet. His love of nature and respect for the world around him is to be envied.  On hikes through the woods, he wants to save his water so he can water the flowers along the trail (because they have to be thirsty too).  He will chase down any piece of trash that is on the beach. After watching Planet Earth, we have had numerous conversations about life cycles and food chains.  He has definitely shed more than a few tears for the seals who are eaten by sharks.

The best part of being his mom is that I have a front row seat to watch him grow up, to see him discover who he is, and to witness him discovering his passions in life.  It’s an amazing thing to watch.

Welcome to the World Cole Reed
Look who is the Big 1
Welcome to the wonderful 2s
The big 3 - with a blue cake with bugs on top (the only thing he wanted for his birthday)
Coley is 4
Wow! It's Cole's 5th Birthday
The big 6
Today Cole is 7

I love you Cole Reed! Life would be incomplete without you!

Tonight’s festivities included: Swim Lessons (his request!), dinner with the families at Tijuana Flats, and cake and gifts at our house.  We bought him a backpack for hiking, a glow-in-the-dark yoga mat, and tons of pokemon goodies.  We are also celebrating on Friday at Great Wolf Lodge. According to Cole, “this is the best birthday ever.”  We even sang “Happy Birthday” to Cole!!!!

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9 thoughts on “My baby boy is 7

  1. That 2 year old picture looks familiar. I can’t believe he let you sing Happy Birthday. The three of you are simply the happiest looking family I know. Happy Birthday Coley!

  2. Last night was great and the best part was watching Cole have a great time!! On a personal note…he gave me the best hug he’s ever giving me. I sure love him!

  3. The fire cupcakes turned out adorable! Good memories (even the screaming at the singing). I love that you are blogging.

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