Hello iPhone

Today I am saying goodbye to my old old phone.  It decided it had enough this past weekend. Just for fun, it likes to call 000-000-0000 and 888-888-8888 all by itself. It even likes to constantly hit the 0 button while I’m talking so I get to listen to a nice beep every few minutes. To be even more spiteful, the zero button doesn’t actually work for dialing or texting. I could have picked up my new iphone at the store yesterday, but by ordering it online, we got 1 month free service. Saving over $90 bucks is definitely worth the wait in my life.

Am I going to miss my phone? Nope! Am I exciting for a the new iphone? Absolutely! I am a little intimidated by all the fancy features, and I am sad to let go off all the old photos on my phone. It’s pre-memory card days and pre-facebook photo days so I have a lot of fun memories stashed on my phone (fingers crossed Verizon can transfer them).  In the meantime, I’m attempting to email as many as I can to myself.  (Not an easy task when 0 and 8 are constantly appearing in the middle of my address).

Here are a few of my favorites photos and a walk down memory lane:

sigh.........very early in our dating life
My first gift from Christian - a water bottle (and I loved it!)
Cole and Christian meeting for the first time at the Aquarium
Cole washing his bike so he can be like Christian
Fun day working in the hospital supply room! we found an elephant! I miss that job!
One of the million photos Christian used to send on his bike rides
Sweet baby Cole

What did we ever do before phone cameras?  Next up on my great adventure into the iphone world will consist of figuring out how to blog from my phone! I think I can even make an app for it! Yay for technology!

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