A simple hello

About a month ago, Eoin Finn was featured on Tedx.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I truly believe in Eoin’s way of life.  On the day of his talk, I was ready to view the live stream and my computer wouldn’t load properly.  I was incredibly disappointed.  The talk I have waited and waited for finally posted today.  Take 20 minutes out of your day and enjoy!

There is so much to be taken away for these few short 20 minutes.  I could probably blog for the next month about what I agree with, what I try to apply to my life, and what I think can benefit us all. It really is something to absorb, and it is so simple.  Today I’m absorbing the thought of connection.  It is something I’ve been thinking about since this past weekend, and something I think Eoin addresses perfectly.

This past weekend, Christian, Cole and I went to Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park resort) and Busch Gardens (amusement park) to celebrate Cole’s 7th birthday. While we were at the resort, I ran back to our room to drop off dinner leftovers.  We were the last room at the end of the hallway so I passed several people along the way.  I made a point to say hi to all of them.  We all are in a beautiful resort.  Everyone is there to have fun or to celebrate or to gather with family.  Saying hello to the people I passed seemed like a more than acceptable thing to do. I was amazed at the responses I got from everyone.  Not one of them gave me a genuine hello in return. Not one of them made eye contact.

I passed a group of women chatting outside their hotel room. I might as well have been invisible. They didn’t even acknowledge my hello.  I passed a dad with his two girls.  He stared at the floor and managed to grin.  I passed a teenage boy.  I think I just made him uncomfortable. I also passed a young couple. They managed to wave, but never looked in my direction. 4 hellos in less than 2 minutes and not one hello in return.

Eoin says it best – our ultimate point in life is to connect more. We can’t connect with each other if we don’t slow down. Not one of those individuals I passed in the hallway was willing to slowdown.  They weren’t willing to look up and connect with a stranger for 2 seconds.  A simple hello.  How hard is it to look up and say hi?

I really enjoy saying hi as I pass people. I smile at everyone while I’m running and attempt to say hi to most.  Sharing a smile with someone is such a simple way to spread cheer. It is also a simple way to make myself feel good.  I can be in the middle of tough run – by smiling at someone, I feel a surge of energy.

It is so simple.  Acknowledge people.  See people.  Connect with people. Slow down and open yourself up to the love that is everywhere around you!  Say Hi to people today.  See if they genuinely say hello back.

Here is my smile to you today - pass it on!

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3 thoughts on “A simple hello

    1. LOVE HIM! Honestly can’t say enough good things! I have his blissology series – it is the best $50 dollars you will ever spend. It has 6 DVDs (mon – friday & weekend). each disk has a short and a long workout plus meditation.

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