What’s your Life Mission?

If you didn’t watch the video that I posted yesterday – Hammock Enlightenment – I have some more insight from Eoin Finn for you to enjoy today.  Eoin opens his talk by saying

It is my life mission to tune into something big and to help it fuel all my decisions because I really believe at the center of our being, we are all deeply connected to an infinite source of joy and wisdom.  But we cover it up continuously, and we need to keep it uncovered culturally and individually.  And when we do this, we can answer what I call the ultimate life question which is – How can I balance out my own personal desires, what I want to take from the world, with my impact on others – the web of life. The ultimate human questions. At the end of life, where are we on that scale? And, one of the things we need to do to do this is to make ourselves feel good. It’s that simple.

One of my 40 day goals is to post my life goals and to complete my vision board. Eoin’s talk has got me thinking even more about it.  What is my life mission?  We all have one rooted somewhere inside of us. It’s up to us to recognize our own life mission.  It should fuel our life decisions on a daily basis.  What are my personal desires and how does it balance with what I take from the world? No one’s life mission should be to take something from anyone or anything – not our families, not neighbors, not our enemies, not our planet.  We are here to make ourselves feel good and to create good around us.

So, what is this Life Mission? To tune into this huge, vast and powerful force that lights us up and makes us feel connected to the concerns of other people, other beings, and all life. To me, the closest way I describe this force is to call it Love. My Life Mission is to be a conduit for the force of Love and allow it to be expressed in as many interactions as I can, from how I talk to a small child to inspiring thousands at once.

Putting words to a life mission is challenging. Eoin’s blissology project has definitely given me perspective on my own personal life mission. In his blissology booklet he provides the following assistance:

 A Life Mission needs to be:

1) The ultimate goal. Your raison d’etre

If you can think of one other reason for being alive that is more important than the one you wrote down, then keep digging. We are talking the truest expression of what your life is really about.

2) Broad in Scope.

Keep it general. Long and short-term goals tend to be very specific, but a Life Mission is more general. Try to avoid times and dates.

3) Whatever is Aching to come out of you and be articulated.

When you know yours, it will seem like there is so much freshness in your life.

What’s my life mission? Here is what I have so far – I’m completely committed to the philosophy behind it, but only about 95% committed to the wording:

My life mission is to develop roots in my community that create relationships and an environment that encourage love, health, happiness, and understanding.

I want to create a life for myself that is centered around love, health, happiness and understanding.  I want this to spill over into my life with my family.  I want to spread this feeling of love and contentment throughout my community. I want to encourage others to find a loving, healthy,and happy life, and I hope to show people that we should all be understanding of each other’s life mission. I want, more than anything, to be rooted.  Rooted to my life, rooted to my family, rooted to my community, and rooted to the love that is around me.

I want to be this tree – Zion National Park

I will be posting my life goals this week. It is a fun, enlightening, joyful experience. Try it! I started off by describing what I want my life to look like in ten years – when I’m 41!. I am in the process of breaking it down into 10 year goals, 5 year goals, and 1 year goals. They all are based on my life mission.  Life doesn’t seem so hard when you know what you want out of life.  I know I’m capable of making it happen.  This allows me to enjoy each day as an individual day and to enjoy each moment as a unique moment.

I am definitely breathing in the sunshine!

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