If I had a stalker…

During my morning blog reading session, I was reading California Training. Beth’s blog made me laugh out loud, and then it got me thinking. Her blog discusses the little hints we leave behind in our daily life that are so telling of who we are as people.

Have you ever thought about the things in life that tell the most about you? They can be actions, routines, facts, whatever, but they have to be little truths that make you you.

Her list of things will crack you up – read it here. Her list got me thinking – what little truths do I leave behind? What is my list – what are the things a stranger would find if they stumbled upon my life, if they broke into our house or stalked me for a day. What would they think?

Poor uninspired room!

#1 – there is always a yoga mat rolled out in our front room. If a stranger broke into our house, it is the first thing they would see. I’m not sure if that means we are to lazy to actually decorate the front room – instead its a room filled with tables (desk, end table, and lego/train table), a TV, books, and 3 happy yoga mats. One day the room will have my pretty dream couch from West Elm, some funky floor length mirrors with a cool frame, lots of candles and Cole’s art work all over the wall, upholstered ottoman cubes (easy to move), bamboo flooring, our 3 happy yoga mats, and even more books. Hopefully the 3 yoga mats and the uninspired room will say that a day doesn’t go by that someone isn’t practicing yoga in the front room AND we are your average working family. The room will shine when I can stomach the price tag that comes along with it!

#2 – our garage is FULL of bikes – count them, 9 (not including the 4 in the shed!). If the stranger broke into the garage, they will win the bike lottery – if they can find them! Who ever lives in our house must love biking. In truth, Christian is the true lover of biking in our house, and majority of the bikes belong to him. I love biking. I swear. I do. I just love running more, and I easily forget how much I love biking. I am the proud owner of 3 of those bikes – mountain, road, and beach cruiser! As for Cole, he LOVES the tow-behind. We are lucky that he is small for a 7-year-old because he can still cruise behind Christian all day long. We really do have to get him on his own bike this year!

Ignore the Mess

#3 – Our laundry room always has work-out clothes hanging up to dry. We honestly wash and hang dry most of our clothes. Both Christian and I have lots of sweaty hobbies, and we are lucky enough to be able to ” professionally dress-down” for work. Lots of my favorite hiking clothes and lululemon items sneak into my work wardrobe.

#4 – We are always preparing dinner as a family. Cole loves to add the spices. Christian mans the grill. I’m stuck in the kitchen. If you were to spy on our family during the dinner hour, you will definitely find us cooking together.

#5 – My running shoes, garmin, and ipod are always stashed together in a corner (starting again today!). Today I get to run for the first time since my stress fracture. YAY! 1 minute of running followed by 5 minutes of walking for 30 minutes. I will take it!

#6 – Christian and I always walk Cole to the bus stop together. I’m sure the day that he doesn’t want us there is right around the corner, but until then, neither one of us are willing to be left out of the bus stop routine.

So Mr. Stalker, House burglar, or nosy neighbor, I hope all the little details we leave behind in our daily life will make your recognize that we are just a happy family that enjoys spending time together and staying active. We like to take care of our bodies as much we do our minds. What would your stalker discover about you? Think about it. It’s a fun exercise. You might even discover something about yourself in the process!

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