A Day to Celebrate

Yesterday was one of those days that just worked. After work I picked Cole up at school.  He surprised me by doing his homework during kids quest.  We are always squeezing in homework on the way to swim lessons or after dinner.  It is usually a battle on swim nights, so it was such a nice treat for him to do it on his own.  Christian also had possibly the best idea of the entire year.  He wanted to ride after work. I wanted to run. Cole had swimming. I originally assumed that Christian would bike while I took Cole to swim.  When we got home, I would run while the boys ate dinner.  Instead Christian’s most amazing wonderful idea was………..he would leave on his bike as soon as he got home from work, and he would bike towards the rec center.  Cole and I then meet him at the rec center.  Christian took over and supervised swim lesson, and I ran at Bayville Park (right next to the rec center).  It worked out PERFECT.  I got back 10 minutes before Cole finished swimming.  We all headed home together, and we were still able to enjoy our dinner together – tacos in the slow cooker! YUM! We all managed to find the time to enjoy our activities without sacrificing any family time in the process.  Christian biked. I ran. Cole swam.  (maybe we should do a family tri!).  And we all had dinner together.


(if you need a super easy, super yummy dinner idea – stick chicken breast in the slow cooker with taco seasoning and water.  When it’s done cooking it pulls a part with a fork! We made yummy soft tacos topped green pepper, spinach, avocado, cheese and salsa.  So good. So easy. and it was waiting for us after all of our activities.)

To continue to sing praises about my husband, today is his birthday!!!!!!! He’s claiming 23, but he hits mid-30s today! 35! Trust me, 35 is much better to him than 23!  He definitely gets better with age, and he is even more handsome! The older he gets, the more the gray hair surfaces and the sun/laugh wrinkles around the eyes become more defined.  Yes! Those are two of my favorite things! I am so lucky to have him in my life.  He is an amazing husband and a wonderful dad to Cole. Our family is always apart of his thought process. He loves family time just as much as I do.  He has brought out so many qualities in me that I let suffocate for so many years.  Thank you husband for bringing me back to life!

Favorite husband memory – date #1:  I pulled in the parking lot.  He was standing outside, waiting for me, and without hesitation I think I said out loud to myself “I love him.”  Of course, I didn’t really love him yet.  But the guy standing in front of me was worth noticing.  He was adorable in his jeans, northface, and hat (still my favorite outfit!).  I knew from our previous conversations that we were definitely in sync mentally. And then during our date, he said to me, “Everybody has baggage.  When you get to be our age, you just have to decide who’s baggage you are willing to carry.”  BRILLIANT since I was a single mom, unemployed, and unsettled in a new town. Fortunately for me, he saw past all the things I thought of as negative, and he saw me for me.  And he loved me!


Happy Birthday Christian! I’m proud to be your wife, and I can’t wait for your whole head to be gray. XoXoXo

(Did you notice I mentioned Running in my blog! Yes! I ran yesterday – more on that later. Today’s about celebrating my husband!)

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2 thoughts on “A Day to Celebrate

  1. And I love you both! I’m so proud of you as a couple and a family. Kristy, you have helped Christian grow so much since you came into his life. You guys are so good together….you just “work”.

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