100% Best Case Scenario

I have finally posted my life vision. I officially wrote my goals down about a week ago, and I have been reluctant to post them.  I keep going back to edit.  Should I add this? Should I take this out? Is that goal to high? Am I not reaching high enough? IT IS EXHAUSTING! Finally, I left it exactly as it was when I first wrote my life vision.  It is what felt the most natural to me.  It was the unedited version of my wants.  My life vision is supposed to be my 100% best case scenario on life plus some.  It is not about setting goals too high or too low.  It is about what I want my life to look like in ten years.

You can read my life vision here.  Enjoy!

Published by Kristy

Storyteller. Copywriter. Connector. Documenting the inhales and exhales of daily live.

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