Checking things off the list

Finally! Our weekend consisted of no real big plans! I feel like we have been in go mode since March.  This weekend the only thing on our agenda was to start organizing and to hang out with Christian’s brother, sister-in-law, and niece who were in town from Northern Virginia. I also had some big hopes of catching up on sleep.  I can’t get enough lately.

Cole’s best buddy Ashton requested that Cole spend the weekend at his house.  On Friday night, Christian and I suddenly realized we had a kid-free weekend. We enjoyed dinner with some friend at The Back Deck.  It’s a cute little outdoor bar right on the water.  How we live in a beach town with so few restaurants actually on the water baffles me.  You can’t drive more than a few miles without crossing some type of water, but there really are only a few restaurants on the water.  Whenever we find a new one, I get excited.  This one was way low-key. It’s definitely the perfect happy hour hangout.  While we were finishing up, we spotted these two cute little guys fishing in a boat solo.  Maybe I’m overprotective, but who let’s their young boys go out fishing by themselves at sunset. The current was moving too.  The boys definitely had things under control, but yikes! Sorry Cole – no solo boat fishing for you until your 18!

Saturday we cleaned house all day!  The house is still a mess, but Cole’s room is finally organized and the ceiling fan is finally hung in our extra bedroom (we bought it before Christmas. yikes!).

Recently we took the leap of faith, and we let Alex stay out of his kennel at night-time.  He quickly discovered the comfort of our bed.  Christian and I have a full size bed. We aren’t big people, and we both sleep glued to each others side.  We have no need for something bigger.  In fact, bigger beds in hotels are too big for us.  We both feel kind of lost.  Our full size bed is perfect for our cozy night of sleep, but it is not perfect for our crazy dog too.  To make it worse, Alex loves to snuggle too.  He has to be touching someone at all times.

Cole has been jealous about Alex sleeping in our bed.  He really wants him to sleep with him.  Sounds good to me.  The only problem was that Cole sleeps in the top bunk of a bunk bed.  Alex can’t make it to the top.  Cole requested that we convert his bed into a regular twin bed, so Alex could start sleeping in his room.  He didn’t have to ask me twice.  Consider it done.  I spent all day Saturday cleaning his disaster of room, but the task is done.  He now has a twin bed.

Before - view from his doorway
After - view from his doorway
Before - view from his window
After - view from his window
Before - view from his closet
After - view from his closet

So so so much better.  Maybe he will actually hang out in his bedroom. And maybe Alex will sleep with him tonight, so I can get a good night’s sleep.  I feel so much better when I get things organized.  Another thing checked off the to-do list.  One less thing to stress about. This task didn’t linger long enough to make it to a 40 day goal list – that in itself is an accomplishment in our house.  We are getting things done!

We also had a fun-filled dinner at Christian’s parent’s house.  We picked up Cole for a few hours so he could enjoy some cousin time.  Little Miss Jillian is such a cutie, and she sure does love Cole!

Next weekend’s plans: It’s a toss-up between being tackling the garage, shed and storage closets and a quick camping getaway.  I’d really love for our house to be more organized going into the summer.  I know we won’t do it then because we will be living on the beach.  I also want to go camping/hiking with Cole before the school year ends.  I think I might let the weather decide this one.

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7 thoughts on “Checking things off the list

    1. LOVE having no plans! I wish I could skip a week of work to get the rest of the house feeling as good as his room, but that isn’t going to happen. Maybe next weekend!

  1. Wow! Cole’s room looks awesome! I sure hope he likes it enough to keep it that way…at least for a little while. We had a great time Saturday, and it was so cute to watch Jillian and Cole interact. He was really good with her!

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