Coffee Please

My energy level has been at about zero lately, so I’m hoping to re-energize myself with this post. Christian and I bought our house last July (I can’t believe it has almost been a year!).  We absolutely LOVE our neighborhood.  We love our house too, but we really bought for the neighborhood. It is an older established neighborhood along the Lynnhaven River.  We have huge old trees everywhere.  Our neighbors are made up of singles, retired older couples (original owners), and young new families. We bought our house from the original owner, and it was built in 1960.  It is the perfect mix of everything. I can run about 8 miles through each loop of the neighborhood and never repeat my path.  I also have fun views of the water around every turn. My favorite quick run is to Thalia island and back – a 3 mile loop. It takes me past the million dollar water-front homes to the small little island in the middle of the river and back to our working class side of the neighborhood! It’s also great for a family fun bike ride! My truly favorite part of our neighborhood is that Cole’s school is inside our neighborhood and just blocks away.

Thanks to my zero energy level, I have had a lot of photos sitting on my camera waiting to be uploaded.  I finally uploaded the photos last night.  Here are a few of my favorites from around the neighborhood – a neighborhood I plan on enjoy to the fullest!

Burning off some doggy energy
Alex's pace = 13 mph
Cole's skateboard skills
Cole's personal ride home from school
We have ducks nesting in our front yard
Love our yard full of Azaleas

I will get my energy back! I will get my energy back! I will get my energy back! I haven’t practiced yoga in a week, and I haven’t been running since last Friday.  Our bodies and our minds are a crazy thing.  I know my body is craving rest right now, but my mind is craving activity. In order to get my energy back, I need to listen to my body.  In order to stay sane, I need to listen to my mind.  I’ll find a balance for both of them – I have too!

I’m making a family decision and vetoing  camping plans for the weekend.  I don’t need to tackle that task right now.  I’m going to focus on getting our house organized (that in itself makes me energized), and I’m going to enjoy my normal routine of running and yoga.  In the meantime, I plan on spending as much time in my hammock as possible.

Just looking at picture makes me feel good!

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Please

    1. I know – I just forget sometimes!!! And that bike attachment was possibly one of our best purchases ever. $50 bucks from a friend and Cole LOVES it! We used to cruise from our old house on 81st Street to 1st Street and back without one complaint from Cole!

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