Snapping out of it

Yesterday’s post got my brain spinning.  I can accept that my body is exhausted lately, but I do not like that I have been in a mental funk also.  I have to respect what my body is requesting right now – more rest, less play – but I refuse to give into the downward spiral I feel like I’ve been pulled into mentally. Time to snap out of it!

What am I missing lately?  Physical activity! Physical activity keeps me sane. It keeps my brain engaged. It keeps me happy.  But my body is craving anything but physical activity.  There has to be a balance somewhere. I think it’s time to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks, throw on my yoga clothes, and unroll my yoga mat. No matter how tired I am at the beginning of my practice, I’m always energized afterwards.

Photo Credit: Tiny Devotions

I haven’t practiced yoga in 8 days. I also haven’t meditated in 8 days. Yikes!  Tonight I am taking care of myself. I’m treating myself to a yoga date. No boys allowed. No dogs allowed. (Did you read that Christian? You are in charge of the household for an hour tonight.  I need 1 hour of my own personal sanity, so I can be nice to you again!). Going to a yoga studio every night isn’t a part of our budget lately, but I enjoy practicing at home just as much. Each one has its perks.  I love being in the studio around other people feeding off of their energy.  I also love practicing at home relying on myself only. Tonight I have a solo date with my yoga mat and mala beads.

I have never placed my mala beads on my yoga mat during practice.  There are always waiting for me on the table in the next room until I start my meditation.  After reading a blog post on the tiny devotions website, I will be placing my mala beads on my mat tonight.

For us it is s a sign of bhakti or devotion. It is a reminder that yoga is a meditative practice and is also a very powerful way to charge your mala beads.

By placing your mala beads at the top of your mat you are allowing them to absorb the energy of your practice which you can take with you outside of the yoga studio.

My mala beads were my mother’s day gifts from my guys.  I wear the Citrine Sunshine Mala from Tiny Devotions, and LOVE THEM! Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator that holds energy.  It is the stone of prosperity, joy and abundance. It also helps inspire the exploration of possibilities. (and it has sunshine in the name – if that doesn’t scream my name, what does?)  I’m going to give myself and my mala beads some yoga love tonight.
It is time to reenergize myself mentally and physically. I feel much more awake today (even writing this blog has helped). I’ve also scoped out a few yoga classes I want to attend this month. I have been wanting to try out a few classes at Studio Bamboo. They have happy hour yoga classes that are half price AND free classes on Friday Night and Saturday afternoon.  Not a bad way to figure out if I like the studio!
While I was on their website, I also discovered something that filled me with excitement.  In November they are offering an Every Kids Yoga Teacher Training.  One of the things I know I will do in my life is teach yoga to both my children and other children.  This class sounds amazing. I’m going to do a little more research and talk to people involved, but it is definitely on my radar.  (Teaching a kids yoga class is on my 10 year plan – why not start now!).
Today I am reminding myself to breathe! I’m accepting the fact that my body is tired, but I’m not accepting the fact that I’ve been grumpy, irritable, and gloomy.  I can’t change the physical needs of my body, but I can change my outlook and approach on daily life.  I’m reminding myself to breathe in the sunshine!
A little blissology love to jump-start my snapping out of it!

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