You’ve got Mail

We all have a morning ritual – once I get to work, I open my email and read all the non-work related emails that are waiting for me (than I read my blogs)! I swear it makes me a more productive employee for the rest of the day.    Today my email was full of inspiration, and not from outside sources.  It all came from me!

Inspiration #1 – Today is 12 weeks since my stress fracture! I made it! And I didn’t kill anyone in the process! I was told that given the location of my fracture, I need to be extremely conservative in my recovery.  My fracture was smack in the middle of my left femur (not an anatomy freak – it’s the biggest bone in your body!).  Stress fractures aren’t common in this area.  Given my previous history with broken bones, I decided to listen to the doctor. I’ve been playing it safe. I did ask the doctor to write down his orders before I left his office.  I know me. I know I would create a version of his story that suited my needs better as soon as I left the office. It was in writing – no running for twelve weeks.

Okay! I didn’t really make it twelve weeks without running. I started running last week, but I am still taking an incredibly conservative approach to my training for the rest of the summer. I want to run until I’m 85.  I don’t want to retire my running shoes when I’m 40 because I was too eager to get back.  My wonderful, fantastic, super smart, anatomy freak of a friend, Nicole, just so happens to be an athletic trainer at a college in Florida.  She created my recovery program for me based on my goal to run the Rock n Roll half-marathon in September and based on recovery programs she uses for her track athletes. I’m no super athlete, but I definitely love the personalized attention! You can see the training plan here.

Motivation #2 – An email from Brightroom reminding me that it’s my last chance to order photos from the Richmond half marathon.  (I’ve got to work on my posing skills for my next race!) That email is such a great reminder of how much I love racing.

I haven’t run an official race since February. I miss it! I miss the buzz and the energy at the start line. I miss the cheering fans. I miss the finish line. I miss that moment when I finally sit down exhausted feeling so proud of myself.  The photos from the Richmond race remind me of how hard that race was for me. I definitely lost sight of my training plan in the few months before the race. I skipped some short runs. I always made my long runs.  I think I felt every missed run during that race.  Richmond has A LOT more hills than FLAT FLAT FLAT Virginia Beach.  I wasn’t prepared for the park that was one hill after another. As soon as I thought, “Oh good, i can even out my breathing,” another hill showed up. The only hill I was happy to see was the one that led to the finish line – it was all down hill! When I crossed the finished line, i was exhausted. And then I checked my watch and realized that I PR’ed! YAY!   Somehow crossing the finish line makes you forget all the aches and the pains and the moments when you think you just might not do it that day.

I right clicked and saved a few photos from the email – sorry Brightroom! And now I’m eager to race again.  Based on my training, I will be ready for a 5k mid to late June.  I will be ready for a 10k mid to late July.  Time to find some races!

If you haven’t done something for yourself that makes you proud – Do Something! For me it’s running -for you it can be anything. Do it for yourself! Trust me – NOTHING feels better than accomplishing something on your own.  There is that small moment after each race or a hard run when I think “I did it” and I’m proud of me. That moment that lasts for just a few minutes keeps me going. It it was makes me put my running shoes on even when I’m tired. It’s what gives me energy to survive a long week at work. It is was makes me love my marriage. It’s what keeps me actively involved in Cole’s life.  Those moments are mine. The sense of accomplishment is about me and only me. I did it! And I love it!

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